Amber Portwood Chooses Prison Over Her Child

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Media coverage surrounding Amber Portwood's decision to go to prison because she can't hack it in rehab has more or less ignored one key component:

Her daughter, Leah.

The Teen Mom star was sentenced to five years in prison last week after she dropped out of a drug-treatment program the court ordered her to complete.

She could've toughed it out, though; Portwood is off to prison because she felt rehab was simply too hard and thinks going to jail is the only way to get clean.

Amber Portwood in Jail

Portwood said in her jailhouse interview last week that an overdose drove her to take the five-year sentence - handed down because of her repeated drug arrests, but initially suspended pending completion of the program.

The saddest part of this saga, which has become an afterthought, is that she effectively chose to be locked up and away from her three-year-old girl.

With the final season of Teen Mom starting tomorrow, this is unlikely to be swept under the rug any longer. The premiere shows Amber going to rehab.

In the second episode, she's in treatment and thinks she's making some real progress, making her downward spiral even more depressing to endure.

Maybe Gary Shirley having custody of Leah isn't the worst thing, but why would you choose to go to prison and not be a part of your child's life?

Like everything else in Amber's world, it defies comprehension.


(Cont.) fine. Hell even THG knows its ridiculously selfish, so much that they make the focus about her leaving her kid on most articles on this topic. Kills me to think that people think this is okay!


Courtney, not everyone can be as great as u...some people need alot more help in getting through an addiction then u did, and being a past drug addict u should be more understanding then others. Didnt u learn anything in going through ur struggles?


Joejoe, u are so ignorant! What was the purpose of u posting such a pointless and inmature comment?


To other commenters; what would be selfless is if she sucked it up and just did rehab. 5 years compared to a month or so, and she picks 5 years?? I been through this too, 2 weeks in a rehab and I was fine. She decided to leave her child for 5 years to go to prison where she can easily get drugs or few months in rehab where she is less likely to be able to get anything and be able to be with her child as she grows up. Now she's going to miss her kid growin up bc she was to much of a baby to do rehab and get it over with! Yeah..selfless alright!


I am a nurse at a prison and i know for a fact she can get any drug she wants while she is locked up. I feel sorry for her daughter.


I could have sympathy for her if she took responsibiity for what she has done, and actually felt bad for hurting others. She cried her fake tears on the Dr. Drew follow up show after watching the footage of her repeatingly hitting Gary, and then says, 'and you wonder why I smacked you in the face' to Gary during the season opener. She also blames him for the consequences of her actions; it's absurd. She had so much support at rehab, and could have embraced the opportunity; she chose not to. I feel no sympathy for her; I feel it for Leah and Gary, who does not realize he's worth more than being abused.


Let me put it this way Gary should be happy that he dowdy have to deal with her ass for five years... She sits there and tells him she can't just jump back into a relationship with him but can go out with every other guy she meets in walmart?!? She is a bad mom and there is good reasons that she shouldn't have Leah. That precious little girl doesn't need a girl like that as a mom. She needs to grow up before she's try's to be a parent.


Amber didn't make the right choice for her daughter by going to prison...This is free room and board for her lazy fat ass and big head.


Gary should be glad to be rid of her fat, lazy, violent ass.
I hope she never gets her child back. Gary now needs to step totally up to the plate. Get a good job and home for his daughter so that this thing called Amber never gets the child and her never let's her back into his life. She is crazy...and where have her parents been all this time? They white trash too???


Why should suicidal people be able to even choose such a thing? She is obviously emotionally, if not mentally, disturbed. How can a person under such stress be held to any legal standard?

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