Amber Portwood: Barred From Seeing Leah in Prison?

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With multiple stints in jail from failing to adhere to terms of her probation, followed by a five-year prison sentence, Amber Portwood has had a rough 2012.

The Teen Mom star's downward spiral makes Jenelle Evans look stable. But is she really barred from seeing her daughter until 2017, as rumors suggest?

Fortunately, Amber's brother Shawn tells E! she's in a "mandatory reception period" where she can't see Leah, but after that, visitation should resume.

Dangerous Amber

"They are in the process of transitioning her from one place to another," Shawn Portwood said. "After that, it's only a matter of time before she sees Leah."

The Indiana Department of Corrections concurred, saying Amber is "currently going through an intake and diagnostic process and is not allowed visitors."

There will be no exceptions during this period, typically 2-3 weeks, even those permitting Amber to see her daughter, due simply to "normal protocol."

"The purpose of this is to get them ready for the facility that they will be assigned to," he adds. "Once she is there she will then be allowed visitors."

Shawn notes that his sister "has to undergo therapy" and reiterates that "when she is done with processing then she will be able to see Leah."

"She is not being treated any differently than anyone else."

As it turns out, Amber might not have to serve out her entire five-year sentence. With good behavior, it could be cut in half with parole. Here's hoping?


Wow everyones so quick to judge when none of you have walked a day in her shoes. You don't know how she feels, or what she has been through. I feel bad for leah she shouldn't have to go through the stuff shes having to deal with, but I'm sure the last thing amber wants to do is hurt her baby. So until you walk a day in her shoes don't be so quick to judge her and her life.


You might think its easy doing timebut it aint your nind is nothing to fuck with in der it makes u go nuts all u do is think and think that shit will kill u and probation is a bitch to if u dont got money to pay u can be clean and not use and do every thing they ask then for wat to re voke u for not paying it aint right wat she did but it aint about her its about her lil gurl trust me I speak from experiance


Sometimes, going to jail does seem like a break from being a single mom and caring for 3 children. I love my children and would die for my children, but I was in my mid 30's when I had my children. Amber was barely out of braces and training wheels. MTV has a way of glamorizing teen pregnancy. These young girls don't see the life long effects.... they see only immediate gratification;, a tv show, magazine covers... Gee, if I had an option of hanging out with a bunch of girls all day, having my food prepared for me, responsible to clean a 6x9 area..... how haed could that be?! I could do five years of that easily! The bonus: when I get released from jail, my child will be older and all or a lot of the hard stuff of caring for a young child will be a thing of the past. She's soooo lucky! You go girl!


She's where she belongs! If she cared about Leah she would of shaped up! How can you pick 5 years in jail over fixing yourself and being with your kid?! Who cares if all eyes were on you Amber. You should of stayed in the program and finished it for your daughter! Now you're living off tax payers, getting a free ride from supporting your daughter. She deserves better! Poor Leah.


Shut up. Amber deserves to be where she's at, poor Leah has to be with her dad who only cares about being with amber. Neither of them should have been able to breed


Your misinformation about the disease of addiction is staggering. So much for compassion, patience & tolerance which are sadly lacking in today's world. Everyone has some kind of s*** to say about someone so they can feel 'better'. Ugh. Though it is very sad that her daughter is w/o her Mom I doubt it'd make her daughter feel better that you're calling her Mom names.


She's where she belongs. She didn't have to go to jail. If she was truly concerned about the well-being of her kid she would have completed the rehab. She can say she loves and misses her kid all she wants, her actions prove she doesn't. That poor kid should not be forced to see her scumbag mother. Amber will not do any good for the girl, the footage on television proves it. Child Protection should save that kid's life and keep her away from mom. It's really a shame, it's not her fault.


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