Amanda Bynes Charged With DUI, Asks President Obama to Fire Cop

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Amanda Bynes has been charged following her April 6 DUI arrest. In response, she Tweeted at President Obama to have the cop who arrested her fired.

"I don't drink," the actress, 26, said in a Tweet to the Barack Obama presidential campaign (@barackobama). "Please fire the cop who arrested me."

Don't count on it. The U.S. Government has no jurisdiction over a West Hollywood police matter. Moreover, guy doesn't even read his own account!

With Lady Gaga, you might get a reply, even as one of 25 million Monsters.

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot

The misdemeanor charge of DUI against Bynes was filed Tuesday and relates to her April 6 arrest, when she was pulled over in West Hollywood.

The actress allegedly sideswiped a police car in her BMW when she tried to turn right, then did not stop. She refused a breathalyzer and drug test.

If convicted she faces a maximum penalty as a first-time offender of 48 hours in jail, three years probation and a nine-month alcohol program.

She could also lose her driver's license for a year, which might not be the worst thing, as this is one of several other recent driving mishaps for Bynes.

About a week after her arrest, she backed over a curb while texting, and a week later was spotted holding up traffic while making a slow three-point U-turn.


Amanda Bynes really expects Obama to help her??? AS IF!!! She clearly must have been on something when she sent that stupid tweet. Obama's gonna help her...NOT!!! Obama has enough to worry about...running the country, worrying about getting re-elected, his marital problems to Michelle, the on-going drama with his birth certificate, etc.. Amanda is getting more and more pathetic each day. Stupid bitch.


Just cos your an actress don't mean s@!t. Your just like anyone else. You have consequences for your actions. Be a big girl & deal with it. & I agree with earlier comments..obama's to busy playin golf to care what is goin on. But first lady michelle obama is the one who is setting a good example..but still bynes needs to grow up


If you are going to name call and talk shit about our president, at least try to make it look like you're smart. It's DOUCHE BAG, not doushe bag, Douche bag. PS
Obama killed Osama, what have you done today? Douche bag. RE:
June 6th, 2012 9:42 AM Barack is to busy playing golf and screwing up the economy to waste his time with this liberal piece of s@!t. She is like the rest of these hollywood doushe bags.


Barack is to busy playing golf and screwing up the economy to waste his time with this liberal piece of s@!t. She is like the rest of these hollywood doushe bags.

Avatar true. lol


you do the crime ,do the time. just cause your a star don't exempt you from punishment... i mean dud she really think obama was gonna fire that cop? lmao .wow...


these upcoming so called young actresses and actors are giving Hollywood a bad name. Fame is going to their head so fast! Where are the parents? These young people think that they are invincible and flash money to get out of trouble. Yet they should be role models for young kids. Someone needs to be help accountable. I'd be ripping up some contracts and make them get a real job. These judges are not helping any of these young stars by "smacking thier hand" put thier ass in jail like you would the average "joe" maybe they'll actually learn something.


O so you think you deserve anything less then Jail you could have killed someone... the cop should be given a medal....


The president has bigger things to worry about other than her problems in which is she needs to take responsibility for! Grow up and take responsibility for your actions! The cop was doing his job!


She was on drugs while driving on a public highway? The same highway on which my wife and daughters drive? Dear President Obama, do you have any predator drones to spare?

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