Amanda Bynes Charged With DUI, Asks President Obama to Fire Cop

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Amanda Bynes has been charged following her April 6 DUI arrest. In response, she Tweeted at President Obama to have the cop who arrested her fired.

"I don't drink," the actress, 26, said in a Tweet to the Barack Obama presidential campaign (@barackobama). "Please fire the cop who arrested me."

Don't count on it. The U.S. Government has no jurisdiction over a West Hollywood police matter. Moreover, guy doesn't even read his own account!

With Lady Gaga, you might get a reply, even as one of 25 million Monsters.

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot

The misdemeanor charge of DUI against Bynes was filed Tuesday and relates to her April 6 arrest, when she was pulled over in West Hollywood.

The actress allegedly sideswiped a police car in her BMW when she tried to turn right, then did not stop. She refused a breathalyzer and drug test.

If convicted she faces a maximum penalty as a first-time offender of 48 hours in jail, three years probation and a nine-month alcohol program.

She could also lose her driver's license for a year, which might not be the worst thing, as this is one of several other recent driving mishaps for Bynes.

About a week after her arrest, she backed over a curb while texting, and a week later was spotted holding up traffic while making a slow three-point U-turn.


It looks like Amanda is turning into another Lindsay Lohan (another stanky train-wreck). And that cop who arrested Amanda was just doing his job...for a change. lol.


Lol....Im sorry but why the hell are people veering off subject??? This topic was about some low budget actress 'asking' for help from President Obama....not an opening for people to start talking shit....anyone who doesn't think he's doing that good of job....wake up N realize what he's had to clean up 1st....all the shit Bush's stupid ass left behind....FUCK republicans!!!


Jeeze! The kid is full of herself! 'I'm a reality star on a trailer trash TV show... The President will be all to happy to JUMP to my aid, big, important star that I am'.. Puh-leeze!


This actress will lose work, and won't be able to be scammed out of money, by Obama, the worst president in modern history, maybe in history. Amanda


I think it is ironic that people are using this artical to talk poorly of the President. He ordered the shot on Bin Laden. He stopped the country from going into a depression, it could have been worse givin the damage that was done in the prior eight years. Socialism is a word no one understand apparently. If you think Social Security and Medicare are good programs then you support socialist programs. If you are 20 and think you will never need insurance your wrong. If your lucky you will get old and unless your very rich (how much does a hip cost these days?) you might need these programs.


Is she freaking kidding!?! Who does she think she is? The Queen of England. What a spoiled little jerk. If you don't drink, why'd you refuse the breathalizer then idiot!

Wv peach

Who do you suppose gave the order to take Bin Lasen out?as Commander in Chief, that would be The President. We all know the SEALS actually fired the shots, but not without Obama's say. Now, can we all just move on?


Maybe she's just a reckless or bad driver? LOL


She should've asked the cop to fire obuma.


Obama Did NOT kill osama. The military did. I am so sick of him getting credit for that.

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