Amanda Bynes Charged With DUI, Asks President Obama to Fire Cop

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Amanda Bynes has been charged following her April 6 DUI arrest. In response, she Tweeted at President Obama to have the cop who arrested her fired.

"I don't drink," the actress, 26, said in a Tweet to the Barack Obama presidential campaign (@barackobama). "Please fire the cop who arrested me."

Don't count on it. The U.S. Government has no jurisdiction over a West Hollywood police matter. Moreover, guy doesn't even read his own account!

With Lady Gaga, you might get a reply, even as one of 25 million Monsters.

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot

The misdemeanor charge of DUI against Bynes was filed Tuesday and relates to her April 6 arrest, when she was pulled over in West Hollywood.

The actress allegedly sideswiped a police car in her BMW when she tried to turn right, then did not stop. She refused a breathalyzer and drug test.

If convicted she faces a maximum penalty as a first-time offender of 48 hours in jail, three years probation and a nine-month alcohol program.

She could also lose her driver's license for a year, which might not be the worst thing, as this is one of several other recent driving mishaps for Bynes.

About a week after her arrest, she backed over a curb while texting, and a week later was spotted holding up traffic while making a slow three-point U-turn.


shut the hell up! shes human. we all make faults. you all are so very dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UU AL NEED TO SHUT THE FUCKK UP....BUSH FUCKED UP THIS WORLD & BARACK ISN`T DOIN A GOOD JOB BY FIXING IT Hes 2 Busy Being A Celebrity Than Doin His Job......any problems with it Address it @MyOpinionMatter....


If she doesnt drink, why did she refuse a breathalyzer test? liar, and irresponsible for her own actions, and in denial.


Americans have such little idea how their government works.


I have a feeling that, back in the day, Amanda Bynes was picked on and/or bullied in high school...A LOT!!!!! Just a thought..........


i use to watch her on the amanda show on nick. wow shes grown up. and being in hollywood changes her forever! :(


@ stephen K....if you can't agree that Bush fucked shit up for us before Obama entered presidency then YOU are the fuckin ignorant one!!!


grey skies he is a usurper you dumb ignorant fool .


'scuse me for interrupting, but I thought this was about AMANDA BYNES, NOT STUPID ASS POLITICS. Who the fuck cares???? I hate when politics is involved in a situation because then people gotta put their 2 cents in when no one gives a crap. Everybody will never be 100% agreeing with a president so SHUT UP. Go buy a fucking diary and write your feelings!!!!!!


To Whatever: Who got Hussein, the military, but who got the credit, Bush!

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