50 Cent and Oprah Settle Beef; Rapper Explains Naming Dog After Mogul

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50 Cent sat down with Oprah Monday to clear the air after their ongoing feud, which somehow involved the rapper naming his dog after the talk show queen.

But was it a diss or an homage?

"Uou have a dog named Oprah ... that is not a compliment," she said. Fiddy replied, "I love you ... you know they say a dog is a man's best friend?"

During the confrontation, part of Oprah's new show, Next Chapter, on which Paris Jackson also appeared this week, 50 explained his beef with O.

Cent said Oprah's campaign against the N-word and degradation of women in hip hop felt like a personal attack against him at certain times.

"I would you discuss your feelings, and everything you said that was wrong with the culture was on my CD ... I was like, 'She doesn't like me.'"

So why name the dog Oprah?

"At the time, I was just looking at the situation and I saw I was developing negative feelings for someone who doesn't even know me," he said.

Bygones are bygones, though, and 50 joked that he pampers the hell out of the animals ... even paying a babysitter to care for them if he's gone.

Yes, animals, plural. He also has a cat ... named Gayle.


Furthermore if the dog is a cutie, it's more so an insult to the dog to have that name,
didn't know her name was patented against society>>>>>>> :-()-:


Im so wrong for my son nikname being Bam & my dog name being Pebbles>>>>
Oprah is not GOD,,,, ppl can do as they please.... that's why her network is failing bcuz she think she's GOD,,, you never hear her thanking GOD 4 none of her success,,, OPRAH YOU BETTER BOW DOWN TO THE MOST HIGH CUZ UR NOT >>SORRY


wow people hate on oprah wtf


Amazeing guy...wow!!! God is good:) never thought he would have that petsonality:)


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That fat full of her bitch will try anything too stop her crap station from going tits up budding it up with loser two cent after saying rap sucks what a sell out.

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