Zombie Apocalypse in Miami: Naked Man Killed By Police After Eating Face of Victim

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In a scarily real-life scene that conjured up images of a zombie apocalypse, a man was shot and killed in Miami after attempting to eat the face off another.

The horror began about 2 p.m. Saturday on the MacArthur Causeway when a series of gunshots were heard on the ramp, which is along NE 13th Street.

According to Miami police sources, a road ranger saw a naked man chewing on another man’s face and shouted on his loud speaker for him to back away.

A passerby also saw it and called the cops. The Miami Herald building's security cameras captured the incident. Be forewarned, the video is disturbing ...

The responding officer, who has not been identified, ordered the naked man to back away immediately. When he continued the assault, the officer shot him.

The attacker failed to stop eating his victim even after being shot, forcing the officer to keep firing. Witnesses said they heard at least a half dozen shots.

The other man was transported to the hospital with critical injuries, and is fighting for his life, according to police. Neither man's identity has been released.

The incident, which came as crowds descended upon South Beach for the annual Urban Beach Week festival, snarled traffic on the causeway for hours.

In a text message Sunday, Javier Ortiz, spokesman for Miami police’s Fraternal Order of Police, said the officer who fired the fatal shots was “a hero.”

Investigators believe the victim may have been homeless, and the attacker might have been suffering from "cocaine psychosis," a drug-induced craze.

UPDATE, 5/29: Rudy Eugene, 31, of N. Miami Beach, has been identified as the attacker. The name of the victim, still in serious condition, has not been released.

Eugene was reportedly under the influence of cocaine and/or LSD at the time of the bizarre incident. Follow the above link for additional details.

UPDATE, 5/30: Ronald Poppo, 65, has been identified as the victim. He is amazingly still alive, and in critical condition. He is homeless.

A new video shows the unprovoked attack - reportedly blamed now on psychosis resulting from bath salts, ingested or injected - in its entirety.

Disturbingly, it continues for nearly 18 minutes before police kill Eugene, with a number of motorists driving by and doing nothing to stop it:

UPDATE, 5/31: Police and doctors believe bath salts - not the Bath & Body Works type but illegal, designer street drugs - may have been behind the attack.


Maybe the guy was posessed............ ya think? It culd happen!


There's ALREADY a movie about this?? http://youtu.be/gcSH-Dqwg2Q


2012 is here we are all fucked. Get you're bong ready!


Zombies.? I don't think so. I definitely think it's drugs. I'm sure everyone is referring back to Big Lurch. Come on. It's obviously a case of PCP. If you think it's zombies, then you must be out of your mind.
Yes, it's very unlikely to have a zombie apocalypse, but it's also 100% possible. I just have a hard time believing it's zombies, but 100% believe it's PCP.


Cocaine psychosis? Please. Look up the effects of PCP. It's a dissociative anesthetic, basically meaning you're disconnected from reality and you can't feel a thing. Anyone on PCP would be able to take four or five shots to non-vital areas. This is not cocaine. Not LSD (really, people? Do your research). Not zombies. It's PCP.


@spencer About the whole decomposing thing, yeah maybe. But you have to realize if a a person had a disease which alter their brain waves and caused them to do this, why cant it tell the immune system, "Hey, this stuff is good and we need more of it, let it through." While it is highly unlikely, it is definitely 100% possible.


i think you people have been playing to much of call of duty black ops if you think zombies is going to really happen OR you have been watching to many zombie movies


there is no way a zombie apocalypse could happen a persons body would begin to decompose if someone elses flesh was in your body becaus your body will attack it because it is an unknown substance in your body ie. if you get and organ transplant your immune system attacks it because it is an unknown substance. come on geniuses im 12 and i know thaat!


Wow guys do some fucking research, drugs have been around forever and people do crazy shit on drugs. There was a rapper back in like 03 who was on pcp or bath salts and ate his girlfriends lungs out. People go cannibalistic on certain drugs. It does not mean there are zombies coming.


So... bath salts, not the Tvirus could bring about Armageddon? How anti-climatic!