Young Spurs Fan Faces Suspension For Haircut Tribute to Matt Bonner

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A young San Antonio Spurs fan faces suspension from school if he doesn't somehow alter the image of NBA player Matt Bonner shaved into his head.

Why on Earth someone takes the time to have a likeness of the reserve forward shaved onto the back of their head, no one knows. But it's awesome!

Even more amazing is the fact that the Woodlake Hills Middle School student Patrick Gonzalez could actually face disciplinary action over this haircut:

Matt Bonner Haircut

Because the image is so threatening, and so severe, if the style isn't "fixed" by today, Gonzalez will have to take in an in-school suspension.

This is worse than out-of-school suspension, where he could at least go home and watch Spurs games with Bonner sitting on the bench on DVR.

According to Aubrey Chancellor of the Judson I.S.D. District, officials say the haircut is a distraction and it doesn't matter who it's a tribute to.

"Whether it's the Spurs or whether it's the Cowboys, anything people obviously support, it doesn't matter," she said in a statement Wednesday.

No word if Bonner will shave an image of Gonzalez into his hair in solidarity.

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It is only a hair cut, it will grow out... why don't they pick a better fight... way more at risk ... bullies, alcohol and drugs...


This Patrick kid only decided to do something different with his hair. It's not like he destroyed school property (or whatever). And, besides, I think that his new haircut is TRULY AWESOME!!!!! It's colorful, lively and (most of all) original. I'm not surprised that the kid is facing suspension. As far as I'm concerned, A LOT of school personnel (or whoever) these days are nothing but controlling, humorless and uptight BITCHES/S.O.B.'S. Back in my day, my principal was a GROUCH FROM HELL, the vice-principal was a hypocritical and skirt-chasing JACKASS and MOST of my high school's secretaries were a bunch of crotchety and ill-tempered old prudes. And, blahza blah...BRILLIANT TOUCH!!!!! I hope that this Aubrey Chancellor bitch gets flooded and swamped with complaints, phone calls, e-mails, etc. Until next time...peace.




As a teacher, I can say that these rules are generally made because of gang affiliation, and the school district has to ban all shaved symbols (due to the poor behavior of some) to avoid making case-by-case. Individual decisions would cause the ACLU and parents to file a million law suits against the district, wasting more tax dollars.


Cool dude idk about matt bonner but that haircut is the bomb


Who is Matt Bonner??


i don`t understand what the big deal is what rule is he really breaking not to menction he is only a { kid } so what if he is a back up player it`s his best player his what if it was lebron james i dont think they whould be such a big deal + i think lebron whould make a big deal & have a huge press confreence { sham on that school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The school has no right to tell this youth how to cut his hair. It looks awesome I hope he keeps it the way it is & maybe when it grows out he will do another player. Patrick it looks great and who ever cut ur hair has mad skills.


I attended Judson and I'm not surprised by their decision.


Aubrey Chancellor's phone number is 210-945-5414 at Judson Independent School District. Call her and tell her what an absurd human she is, and suggest another position in another profession where her idiocy won't affect our school kids.