WTH Happened to Lindsay Lohan's Face? Again?

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The latest iteration of Lindsay Lohan walked the red carpet at A&E's big upfronts event last night in New York, and man. Something is seriously wrong.

There to support Lifetime and her new Liz & Dick movie, Lohan showed off her new skin shade of copper, applies unevenly, and absurdly plump lips.

Collagen, kids. Don't do it.

Lindsay Lohan, Lip Injections
Lindsay Lohan, Bronzer

Lindsay's face also appears more taut and stretched than before, perhaps the result of having work done, which is perhaps the result of attempting to stave off the effects of smoking, drinking, snorting coke, tanning and emotional abuse.

Perhaps. It's just a theory.

What do you think? Has LiLo had work done?

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I always thought Lilo was unattractive....very. It looks like she had some of that bee sting serum and botox and awful tanning done. She looks like she overdosed on LSD or something.


I will be shocked if she completes this lifetime movie! This girl is obviously under the influence of drugs/alcohol. What a mess she is....


Can't she EVER, EVER close her damned mouth?


This girl is a mess. She is obviously on the bad stuff, she will NEVER change, and I think she should get the hell out of Dodge (Hollywood).


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