Would Will Smith Make a Good Barack Obama?

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While promoting Men in Black III, Will Smith touched upon a more realistic character he would love to play in a movie someday: Barack Obama.

"It's definitely something I would consider," he said, noting that he feels he's "the most natural choice" to play the President of the United States.

Why? Because ...

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"It's about the ears! That's the thing. You know, people see the ears. Barack and I both have the ears. Clearly I'm the most natural choice."

Smith, 43, related that he joked to Obama that while he would consider playing him on-screen, it was up to the president "to write the ending."

Will and Barack don't just have their ears in common - they've both got an abundance of wit and charm, and were born in Kenya. Just kidding!

No, seriously, can you see the movie star as our President?

You tell us: Would Will Smith make a good Obama?


Will Smith as Barack Obama would work. They share tall, slim build and natural exuberant, relentless optimism; charm & charisma. Smith is 6'2. Aisha Tyler would be great as Michelle Obama. Tall build, Tyler is 6' even, intelligent, funny, and confident. Two intelligent actors with comedic sensibilities would likely pull off the chemistry needed to portray POTUS & FLOTUS.


The girl with the white wig in the YOUTUBE VIDEO titled WHY I LOVE WELFARE would be the perfect Michelle Obama along side Will Smith as Barak!


j ai bien suivi le film dans lequel smith a joué le role de Mouhamed Ali et on sait tous qu il a du talent... apart ça, il a aussi une etincelle de ressenblance avec Obama donc pour moi, Will Smith est la personne idéal pour jouer ce role :-) thank you

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