Woman Barred From American Airlines Flight Because of "Offensive" Pro-Choice T-Shirt

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An unidentified woman missed her American Airlines flight last week because staff found her choice of clothing offensive, according to news reports.

That's because it bore a statement that first appeared at a pro-choice rally this year: "If I wanted the government in my womb, I'd f--k a senator."

The woman, identified only as "O," said of the incident, "When I boarded, I was one of the first groups to board (did not pass by many folks)."

"I was wearing my shawl loosely around my neck and upon sitting down, the lady next to me, who was already seated, praised me for wearing the shirt."

Pro-Choice T-Shirt

Yet a flight attendant told her that she needed to speak with the captain before making her connecting flight because the shirt was offensive.

The captain informed her that she shouldn't have been allowed to board in the first place, and would need to change before her connecting flight.

According to the woman, this caused her to miss her connection.

She says the airline called ahead to the connecting gate to tell agents there that "O" needed to change her shirt, but not to hold the flight.

"O" claims that her luggage was checked and "changing shirts without spending money wasn't an option."

American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith told MSNBC:

"The only reason she was asked to cover up her T-shirt was the appearance of the 'F-word' on the T-shirt. The [pro-choice] message is irrelevant."

AA says its terms and conditions permit it to remove passengers at its discretion, including anyone it determines is "clothed in an inappropriate manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers."


@Tony -- What does having an abortion have to do with being able to take clothes off of (bare) children? And why are you thinking about children disrobing, anyway?


Nahhhhh....a Senator would only draft a Bill to tax or regulate your womb! An unregulated womb is a happy womb!


The shirt only states the truth. Wtg to the woman who was brave enough to where this shirt. I do not find anything wrong with this shirt not even the F*** word on it.


I agree, it's the low class, profanity.


Please- i was just on a flight from England to LA and this IDIOT woman sprayed on a bunch of perfume. I had an instant headache and allergies.
So so many narcissists with bad boundaries think others should smell thier idiotic choice of perfume- no class. Men with thier moronic cologne choice as well- gross losers.
I'd take this women and her shirt any day. Better than the farter and perfume whore i had on my flight.


Oh these comments are to good let's just keep over populating the earth and watch our children starve to
Death get with the 21st century and have responsible sex use condoms. Aren't we smart enough yet?


I love it now there's a woman with balls.


Why don't people use the brains they were born with. I'm sorry those idiots have none. There is a time and place to speak your mind. An airport/plane is not one of those.


Why didn't she turn it inside out? Who wears a shirt with that word on it in pubic...on a plane! I would have been upset if she sat next to me. World is full of idiots...low class ones, too.


It's not the message. It's the profanity. Get it??? If you're arguing politics then you completely missed the point. If her shirt said "I'm a f*cking idiot" ppl would have been just as offended. Which is exactly what she wanted.

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