I So Pale! Anchor Commits Classic Local News Blunder

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This brief clip from a local news broadcast on ABC Texoma (the region in and around the Texas and Oklahoma border) is pretty amazing.

Watch as the anchor cracks a joke to her meteorologist colleague, awkwardly saying "I so pale!" in a weird voice for some reason, not realizing she's LIVE on air.

After her co-worker, the weather girl, points this fact out, her face shows an absolutely priceless, mortified expression ... after which she launches directly into the story, which involved a headline-making storm in the Seattle area.

Partly cloudy with a 100 percent chance of on-air embarrassment:


Kathy is so cute and sexy !


Um the blunder is made by the anchor giving a national headline story about snow cripplimg the Seattle area. The meteorologist is in fact on the right in pink ... YouTube " I so pale" for full clip


Um. It's ABC Texoma. That's on the Texas-Oklahoma border.


the commercial is longer than the clip. these commercials before the clips I guess were inevitable however i am getting so turned off by it I consider dropping internet