Usher Slams Tameka Foster in Court, Sheds Tears

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Usher took the stand yesterday in the custody trial brought on by ex-wife Tameka Foster - who has accused the singer of drug use and demanded the use of his mansion - and broke down in tears.

Usher quoted his ex as threatening: "I'm gonna kick your ass. Bitch get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house?" and added:

"She continued to spit. At this point she pulled the door open, tried to swing at her."

Usher in Court

Foster herself has admitted under oath that she told Usher "I will f-ck you up," while Usher said here Tameka hit him and threw a plate of food at his car while he and his unnamed girlfriend drove away.

Later in his testimony, meanwhile, Usher responded to photos of him partying in Europe and allegations by Foster's attorney that he's an unfit parent by breaking down in tears.

TMZ sources say Usher admitted to marijuana use, while an objection was made to the topic of ecstasy - and the artist didn't give a clear response to whether he had ever been with his children while under the influence.

The custody trial continues today.

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If Usher was using drugs so wasn't she. He was what 22 and her over 30? They did it together but now that he dont want her shes throwing accusations. Its a damn JOKE!!


first of all he did not cheat on her and second of all she filed for primary custody and because she wanted more money from him for child support. yes he shouldnt have done marijuana but she has done it to! the saying 'PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES' comes to mind


Don't you people read? He took her to court, she didn't file... Oh wow! Duh!!!!


This is terrible.. Usher has moved on and so should she


Everyone is pointing fingers at Tameka but all of this is Usher fault. I have much love for Usher but he made the decision to be with this woman and he also cheated on her too. Tameka is a Woman scorn. Usher knew not to take the lady that he cheated on his wife with to her house he was asking for problems. On top of it all Usher filed the papers for the custody battle not Tameka but I wish the judge could make both sides happy !!


Usher's mistake was thinkin "older" meant wiser, tameka has clearly illustrated otherwise. I think as a woman she is a horrid person,thing is no mother who loves her children would be willing to take them through such turmoil such as the courts. I believe this is an attempt by a bitter woman to get back at a man because he left her. She needs to accept that usher has moved on and respect his female and space at the end of the day this woman is gon be around the children, so ms.foster need to get her head from out her egotistical ass n defend what's best for her children and not makin change from their father and causing great humiliation for everyone involved. Usher needs to leave em old women alone cuz they desperate God knows Tameka is


Look man....we cant judge people for the choices they make...but they should be held responsible for them...NO one told Usher to be with this woman...he chose that...N now he has to face with what comes next...N thats dealin with his baby mamma for the sake of his kids!!! Thats on the real tho...


Keeq ya head up usher God is on ur side.


This is very upsetting but it does look as though Usher is trying to get the best for his children. I have seen him being interviewed, and he does not look like the type of man who would enjoy this undignified public airing. He comes across and private and quiet.


Note to all who believe in God, if God did not authorize it, then you are up for negotiations on the after marriage terms with who?
Note to all- If I'm not talking to you, I'm not talking to you. Oooh get this one: if you don't go through God, you gonna have to g through it!
They are going through it, the kids are gong through it and generations will continue to go through it if somebody don't seek God in the matter! I'm done! Peace and remember,mif this ain't talking to you, it ain't talking to you!