Trayvon Martin Surveillance Video: 7-Eleven Cameras Show Teen Just Before Shooting

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Surveillance video of some of Florida teen Trayvon Martin's final moments before being fatally shot by George Zimmerman have just surfaced online.

In his infamous hoodie, Martin can be seen in a video released by 7-Eleven, where he purchased Skittles and an iced tea before walking home Feb. 26.

He was shot by Zimmerman after an altercation on his way back to the home of his father's fiancé, where he was staying, triggering a media firestorm.

The video below doesn't change anything about the controversial case, as the shooting - which Zimmerman claims was self-defense - is obviously not shown.

Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder but remains free on bail. Martin's family yesterday criticized a series of leaks in the case.

Without video of the altercation itself, it remains to be seen who instigated what, and if the charge against the assailant will stand up in court.

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trayvon was a thug. stop making him out like he was a saint. he started a fight never realizing that white guys in florida carry guns (just like black guys in los angeles). he was stupid and not thinking and that got him in trouble. zimmerman was defending himself and should be let free and sue all those black establishments that slandered his name.


Who was CEO of facebook who wore HOODIE to Wall street was he Black? Suspicious ,going to rob?




THE DRUDGE REPORT... THURSDAY -DALLAS TEXAS- A Black Male at a Local Target Store took a knife off a shelf and stabbed a 29 year White female Lawyer who was shopping in the store! ANOTHER BLACK ON WHITE CRIME. THE 2 never had met before! ANOTHER BLACK ON WHITE CRIME! I'm sure it was all over the the NEWS -Wasnt it?


@ EYES-I agree- To automatically punish someone for what we know at this point- his only mistake was to get out of the car is a terrible mistake. This " Pay Back " justice will haunt Florida for Decades to come. Go to court- read the verdict and live with it. The State of Florida knew they had the recent evidence early on and still charged for 2nd degree murder is outrageous!


@ Florida There's "racist freaks" alright! But I wouldn't put Zimmerman in the mix. The black community down there in the Sunshine State have been the ones who have "freaked" fueled by Civil Rights leaders/preachers who are self-serving and a liberal media that has been stumbling over their hyper-political correctness so badly that they can't honestly cover this case without bias. I am very concerned that an innocent man who was merely defending himself from a teen thug is going to be convicted due to RACISM! If so? The whole Civil Rights Movement..and all that Dr. King worked for will be shoved backward prior to the early 1960's. Tragic.


@ Florida- Tell me about it! A 13 year old white kid! was set on fire on his front porch in KC this year- By 2 Black teens! Sympathy is running low- these days.


Time to move on!? Time to put this rasict freak in jail! It may be getting old to some of you, but its another disgusting way to open your eyes and see how cruel people are.


@Fitflop...Yeah, you're obviously havin' a "fit" alright, but nothing a good dose of brain thaw pills wouldn't help! I have to admit there's a special challenge in attempting to decipher a seemingly drug-induced commentary here. Whew!


@Courtney Remember: It was the black community that said a hoodie constituted racial profiling! They started the whole dialogue about this issue. A police dispatcher asks Zimmerman "What is he (Trayvon) wearing?" Is there something racist for a dispatcher to ask that? NO! It's a standard question. This shouldn't have been a race-based situation, but the black community primarily turned it into one.