Trayvon Martin Autopsy Report Released; Family Slams "Strategic" Leaks in George Zimmerman Case

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The attorney for Trayvon Martin's family claims there have been strategic leaks of records in the case intended to benefit defendant George Zimmerman.

Attorney Benjamin Crump said on Wednesday he wants "full transparency" in the case, and called for all the police files on the subject to be released.

After several news outlets were given access to a sealed medical examiner's report on Martin and a police report on Zimmerman, Crump was incensed.

Trayvon Martin, Hoodie
George Zimmerman Mugshot

"It was leaked for a beneficial purpose, certainly to help George Zimmerman's claim of self-defense," he said. "This report needs to be vetted with a keen eye."

"Look at this in the full context. George Zimmerman made the decision to get out of his car, profile Trayvon Martin, pursue Trayvon Martin and confront him."

According to NBC News, the autopsy on the slain 17-year-old says that Martin was killed by a single "penetrating gunshot wound to the chest" Feb. 26.

Meanwhile, medical records leaked to ABC News showed Zimmerman likely suffered a broken nose, black eyes and was bleeding from the back of head.

His lawyer, Mark O'Mara, said he may seek a dismissal of the second-degree murder charge against his client under Florida's "stand your ground" law.

Zimmerman pleaded not guilty last week and is free on bond.


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@Sense and Sensibility - your comment is completely logical. this case is an open and shut case. trayvon was clearly an aggressive thug. zimmerman was protecting himself and will go free. florida should announce before the verdict is read that any black people who riot after the verdict is read will be shot on sight. we don't want to see beautiful florida start looking like dirty nasty los angeles.


What stupid reasoning! If someone stays in their car then that means the person who beats the sh*t out of him wouldn't have had to been held responsible for his agressive, thug ways? Hey! Trayvon must be held responsible for HIS actions. Whether someone gets out of their car or doesn't give you the right to beat the hell out of them! Let's apply some common sense to this situation. This foolish, not to mention, biased views of that night is just plain wrong! Criminal law experts have already weighed in and said...there's not enough to support a charge of 2nd degree murder. And now..the prosecutor it's been said may have done illegal things to get that charge accepted by the court. Of course, she has to PROVE it in the actual trial. I think a credible, fair jury will see beyond the bullsh*t!


george zimmerman is not innocent he wants to see his family what about the life he decided to take from trayvon martin who wasent able to see his family and cant no longer see them he should be punished and if he would have just stayed in his veihicle nothing wouldeve happend instead he followed trayvon and even after the fact was asked not to do so i pray for justice for the martin family and for trayvon

Kellie m

They are slamming George's people for putting out the most recent information....they need to slam themselves for portraying Trayvon as an innocent 12 yr old.


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