Torika Watters, Controversial Miss Fiji, Loses Crown Due to Age Requirement

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Another day, another beauty pageant controversy.

Not long after Jenna Talackova was booted from the Miss Universe Canada contest due to her transgender status, Torika Watters has lost her title of Miss Fiji.

The 16-year old was set to represent her tiny nation in the upcoming Miss World pageant, except for the detail that representatives must be at least 17 years old. But that's not the only scandal following around this young beauty.

Torika Watters Picture

Immediately upon winning the crown last month, Watters faced mounting criticism over her appearance, specifically that she lacked "buiniga," the local word to describe the naturally-frizzy Fijian hairstyle.

A pageant spokeswoman told ABC News in Australia that organizers have received "nothing but negative criticism and remarks from our own people" about the selection of Torika.

"While we appreciate a healthy discussion and feedback on our page, violent or racist comments will not be tolerated," the Miss Fiji spokeswoman said.

Watters, for her part, says she's "proud of my identity as a Fijian" and added, via Facebook:

"I had no intentions of doing anything sneaky or wrong and like the other contestants entered the competition for what I believed to be the right reasons - to be an Ambassador for Fiji and raise money for charitable causes."

She will be replaced by 24-year-old runner-up Koini Vakaloloma.


Man, coming from someone outside of USA. You people have some serious issues judging young people. Ugly mouth, jackass??... wtf? The pageant is about different identity, culture, background. Obviously we dont share the same morals and customs as you's but at least we have better attitudes and are less judgmental!


How about only allowing Aboriginal women to represent their countries? :P To send the message home, extract all the non- Aboriginals precious metal teeth for Rachael Hunter's jewelry and then ship those pesky foreigners whom dare attempt entering this hallowed beauty contest back to where they look like they came from. LOL!

@ Maverick

She didn't represent or look like the original people of Fiji. She looks like a white woman. The original people of Fiji are dark beautiful people. Unfortunately, white supremacy is loosing is position in the world.


Stunning - Too bad some idiot didn't do their homework


*groans* You gotta' be kidding me? Locals were pissed because she lacked "buiniga," the local word to describe the naturally-frizzy Fijian hairstyle? She couldn't have even entered the contest if she looked like a fat, samoan with kinky, nappy hair!

@ Guest

The people of Fiji are not fat. America is the most over weight country in the world. The people of Fiji don't wont no white woman representing them to sell more in America. The people of Fiji are black or brown skin. Basically the same complexion white people try to become by getting a tan. All white people want to be darker but hate blacks lol.


Looks like any Caucasian chick in Anytown, USA. No wonder the people of Fiji are upset!

@ Who Me?

Exactly, the people if Fiji are not Caucasian people. Actually no original people anywhere are.


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Fijian? its a guy!


If there's something wrong with her then the rest of us ain't got a snowballs chance in hell!

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