Timothy Busfield Accused of Sexual Battery After Alleged Movie Date Fondling

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A recent movie date for Timothy Busfield didn't go as planned, apparently. 

The woman is now accusing the famed actor of sexual battery after he took her to the ArcLight theaters in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Wednesday night.

Sources say that the two began kissing during the movie, but the woman claims that an assertive Busfield groped her in the breast and genital areas.

She wasn't a fan.


TMZ reports that the woman abruptly ended the date and went to the police the next day, filing a report against Busfield alleging sexual battery.

Police are investigating the claims.

The actor, best known for The West Wing, Thirtysomething, Field of Dreams and Revenge of the Nerds, hasn't been arrested or charged in the case.


This guy is a tool. When I lived in Wisconsin in 1990-92 close to the Twin Cities, Busfield was there filming "Angel's in the Outfield". A girl there claimed the same thing. A radio station was talking about it and several other girls called and said he had done it to them too. Seems to keep happening with this guy and had a ring of truth to it...


I'd never ask her out again!


I'm all for us being protected from REAL sexual battery, but this situation? Isn't that what a kick in the balls was invented for?


Gee Nan, let me guess. Hmmm, you are a frustrated overweight single mother who has had guys walk all over you your whole life and are owed something from society....booo effin hoooo.


Gee Nan, let me guess...You are a frustrated overweight divorced single mother who has had men walk all over you your whole life......waaaaaaaaah!!!


Gee,if I would have filed charges against every boy who tried to get to 2nd base when I was a teen, there would be alot of sex batterers I would know personally.
I think sometimes people make more out of a single incident than what really happened. If she was uncomfortable with him, she either should have stopped the kissing before he started getting touchy with her body, or simply excused herself ( during the kissing phase) and left for home. If he was forcing her to kiss him to start with, that would be completely different.
I'd of slapped him and just got up and left.


Sometimes a person's hands automatically go to the erogenous zones when the person is kissing someone. Besides, it's going to be a her word against his word case, and right now, I'm taking his side. I wonder where her hands were? Let me guess, somewhere on him.


Good for her. These old horn dogs think they can paw all over a woman and get by with it. Press those charges girl, press those charges!