Timothy Busfield Accused of Sexual Battery After Alleged Movie Date Fondling

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A recent movie date for Timothy Busfield didn't go as planned, apparently. 

The woman is now accusing the famed actor of sexual battery after he took her to the ArcLight theaters in Sherman Oaks, Calif., Wednesday night.

Sources say that the two began kissing during the movie, but the woman claims that an assertive Busfield groped her in the breast and genital areas.

She wasn't a fan.


TMZ reports that the woman abruptly ended the date and went to the police the next day, filing a report against Busfield alleging sexual battery.

Police are investigating the claims.

The actor, best known for The West Wing, Thirtysomething, Field of Dreams and Revenge of the Nerds, hasn't been arrested or charged in the case.


I just met this fine LAD. Timothy was nothing but pleasant and respectful of all. Thank you for being a great guy....Michelle, , Mi


I agree with those out there who said that The lady is after his money. Timothy wouldn't even fathom groping a woman. I've never in my life seen such a man like him, from what many have said about him, he's a down-to-earth, all-around good guy who seems to have very high repsects for women. I've watched him on The West Wing, and yeah, you'll probably say 'that's behind camera', or 'that was years ago...', but I see what I see. He's a good guy, I can't imagine he'd do something like this. The woman was obviously after his money. And, isn't he married? There's another contributer to me being on his side. I would totally love to find a guy like him to be with. He doesn't strike me as the kind of man to act so...perverted or heinously. He's just too good a man to. I'm so glad he wasn't charged. Love ya Tim.


All she had to do, is push his hand away, and say, don't do that. She is either, a neurotic, or just some loser, after his money.


I'm sure that if these allegations prove false, TMZ will post that news with as much vigor as they have the allegations. I doubt it. What a scuzzy way to make a living. You must be so proud Harvey.


WOW.. you should see this!!


What the hell is wrong with a little fondling. She is after his cash! Good Luck Tim.
Scoot Lay


Inappropriate behavior? Absolutely - you should never get grabby with someone in a public location. But sexual battery? Give me a break. I'm not the world's most attractive woman, but I've had my share of guys trying to cop a quick feel while kissing me. If it's unwelcome, I let them know that in no uncertain terms. If that doesn't work, I get up and walk away. I can't imagine going to the police over something like this, though.


Sorry to disappoint you, but I am a happily married woman. I have a great career and wonderful children. I never let a man walk all over me, so therefore they didn't. If this man had come at me like he did to her, I would make sure he didn't do it to anyone else! (snip snip) I married a gentleman. I did not have to settle for a pervert. I have much more selfe respect than that. Sound like YOU might be a girl who sleeps with anyone who tries. Grow up and believe in yourself. Get some self respect. To the lady on the date, AGAIN I say, press those charges girl!


Seems to be Much Ado about Nothing....I mean, come on. She was on a date with him! If she did not want to take it to second base, couldn't she have just said no? And if he continued, then just get up and leave. Men have been groping at me since I turned 15. I'm now 51 and they're still groping at me. Most men will go as far as they can unless they hear otherwise from you. Not sure why she ran to the police. Did he stalk her? Did he threaten her life if she didn't put out? If every woman who has been groped went to the police, then criminals would get away with far worse. She seems weird.


Gee, Satz- let me guess.. you are a twenty something misogynist troll/tool quick to go for the jugular when any woman asserts herself in any way. My guess is you are a pock marked loser complete with small wang and a chip on your shoulder the size of your false sense of entitlement. Good luck out there. Hopefully your rohypnol supplier doesn't cut you off, otherwise your chances of getting laid will reduce even more.

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