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The Voice revealed its final four last night, with the judges (in two of four cases anyway) weighing in to influence the results. Who moved on to the finals?

The coaches had to split 100 points between their two singers. Combined with America's votes, those point totals would determine which would move on.

Of course, two copped out and awarded them 50-50, which shouldn't even be allowed. If you're not going to go at least 51-49, why even have this step?

In any event, Christina gave Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao each 50 points.

"I really wanted America ... to be the deciding factor in this case," she said, leaving it up to the voters, who kept opera singer Mann and sent Pavao home.

Adam Levine, despite saying that "both of you guys have improved so much and come into your own," gave Tony Lucca a 60-40 edge over Katrina Parker.

That was enough to propel Tony into next week's season finale.

Blake Shelton, like Xtina, split points evenly between Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul, saying, "You're looking at two of the best vocalists on the planet ... I don't want to be a part of this decision ... it's up to America now." Jermaine won out.

Cee Lo Green said he wanted to be "honest, critical and fair."

That meant giving Jamar Rogers 40 points and Juliet Simms 60 this week, which was enough to make Juliet a finalist, and the only female of the remaining four.

What do you think of the judges' decisions, and America's votes? Did they get it right? And who will win The Voice among the final four next week?


juliette and tonny are fabulos and i truely enjoy there performances each and ever week. But i must say that this season ,all the contestants were great . my hubby and i love music and feel the voice is the best talent show on tv. we are musicains also so love watchin all the new talent out there. god bless you all from us here in canada


I think Adam made a huge mistake, why save Katrina twice, to then let the guy who couldn't even make it off the MMC stay? Juliet is by far the best choice. We shall see


Juliet is awsome she is real she sounds like the great Janice Joplin puts her soul into her singing in my opinion if she dosn't take home the win somehing is wrong with the VOICE. I love to sing missed my calling and when I listen to someone sing and I get goose bumps then you have a singer. she has knocked them dead every week. A Mans world was her best Roxanne 2nd best. and christine and Blake I love you both.


Juliet is the most realest singers out there. There is NO ONE who could even begin to compare to her. She will win.


Juliet is the best! Unique Strong voice,great stage presence,consistent in her performances. The song choices for Juliet have been outstanding. Juliet is " the Voice" and she deserves to win.


No offense to either Tony or Juliet but both of them have already been in spotlight. Sure, Tony was years ago. But Juliet is the lead singer for a band already called Automatic Love Letter who are actually really popular. I would like to see the other two win. Especially Chris Mann because if this show is really about "the voice" he's got it.


The voting is pretty stupid. Judges should not be allowed to do the 50-50 for sure. Adam screwed up. America voted for Katrina who lost because of Adams vote. Cee Lo was right but Jamar was a bad sport and wouldn't even look at his coach after he lost. It's all gonna come down to song choice in the finals. There's been some pretty bad song choices this season. Nobody captivated me like Juliet did in her last performance. I was surprised and totally captivated by her song. But it will hard to stay at that level again or surpass it. Katrina needs to get off the Adele bandwagon. We already got an Adele and do NOT need two. Jermaine and Chris need to sing the right songs. I'll be surprised if their coaches make the right song choices. Looks like it's Cee Lo's to lose!!!


Unfortunately Tony Lucca is probably going to win, even though he's not the most talented contestant left. We all know Anmerica doesn't always show good judgment win it comes to talent. People vote for who they like the best rather than who IS the best. Tony is the most popular guy left. He has celebrity endorsement, his MMC past, and the ladies going for him.


JERMAINE is the one to beat, he is a step above the others for sure!!
He needs to get back to R&B ballads where he is outstanding! Juliet is also very good.
Sad to see Jamar go, he was great!


By far Jamar is sooo much better than Juliet., you have lost a real winner in every catagory !!!!

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