The Voice Recap: Tony Lucca Has 99 Problems (and Xtina IS One)

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The four finalists on the second season of The Voice - Jermaine Paul, Tony Lucca, Chris Mann and Juliet Simms - gave their last performances Monday.

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    So many things to trip off of where xtina is concerned. This latina tries way too hard to be white. Her hair is bleached beyond life.

    Its hard to tell if her comment about Tony's disrespect for his wife and "daughter" was an intentional slight to highlight the fact that his son looks like a girl.

    I really think that xtina manufactures negative criticisms towards Tony such as to ward off suspicion of bias towards her mickey mouse cohort.


    I have always been a fan of Christina however after watching the Voice this season I no longer care for her. I thought she was very nasty to Tony almost every episode (very noticeable). I was getting tired of seeing her boobs and if that wasn't bad enough she resorted to wearing sparkly briefs. Talk about a negative toward women Christina!! She has such talent but I lost respect for her after this season of the Voice.


    i hope he wins to shut christina up she was rude by texting while he was talking team adam


    Posters you need to get real. Bashing! Really? Just enjoy the show for cripes sake.


    Christina -you've had it in for Tony Lucca since long before this show .. my bet is that it is 'something' waaaaay back in the Mickey Mouse Club days, you've been SO one dimensional about all of your actions.


    I have loved Christina's music from day one. The voice has totally made me NOT like her. How you gonna say it's bad for women when you call yourself Xtina? Really? That dress last night was awful. to tight all the way around for a family show. My son said look at her ta tas. Her job is to critique his performace not the song lyrics. Although I do thing Adam was being clever and calling her a B on the sly. Then she turns around and proves him right! That whole real man comment should have not been said at all. How does she know what kind of man Lucca is? the problem is I think she wants to or did.


    If the shoe fits Christina, wear it. I don't know what you have against Tony but obviously it's something. You have put him down the whole season. Afraid he will make a big star? You're just full of it and need to be replaced on the Voice. You make ratings go down. I have it figured out thought, I just forward through everything you have to say. Works great for me. Thank God for Tivo.


    JERMAINE is outstanding! Strong, powerful voice! His R&B ballads contain so much passion.
    Chris is so good, beautiful voice.
    Juliet, very unique!
    Tony, Great, but he does not measure up in the finals, Erin or Jamar were certainly better than him.
    Seems like something went down in the past between Tony & Christina, there is resentment.
    Maybe, she is right, for a family audience 99 Problems was a risky choice.
    Adam needed to choose something like Neyo material for Tony.
    Meanwhile, The Voice and XFactor do not compare with IDOL.
    Chris and Christina singing "The Prayer" was AWESOME!!!


    I'm all for NOT disrespecting women in songs or anywhere else for that matter. It sends out the wrong message to guys AND girls. That's never ok. But if Christina wants respect, she should start with respecting herself first and tuck her boobs in and find a skirt that fits. Oh, and washing her hair more than once a week would work too. It's really great to be happy with your body and not feel the need to be pencil thin, but for crying out loud, buy and wear clothes that are your size!! Then we can talk respect. I love her voice and her cd's, but this season, she has made herself look like a bimbo and that's such a sad shame. She's such a tremendous talent.


    Hip Hop and Crap Rap should be banned from all televised singing competition. I hope Lucca does not win!!

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