The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Stunner: Twists and a Turn

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Nina Dobrev used the crotch of Conan O'Brien for a nationally-televised Yoga pose this week. But that move was actually NOT the most surprising development involving this actress over the past couple days!

SPOILER WARNING: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's season three finale of The Vampire Diaries.

Vampire Diaries Season Finale Photo

To conclude an action-filled hour on this CW thriller, Dobrev's Elena Gilbert appeared to turn into a vampire. Viewers were told that blood from these creatures had been placed in her system by Dr. Fell and, upon being rescued from yet another bridge-related car accident, the episode concluded with a single image:

Elena, shooting up, awake... and transitioning?

We won't know for certain until September, but the season finale delivered a number of other surprises as well:

  • Bonnie cast a spell to keep Klaus alive - inside Tyler's body.
  • Elena chose Stefan over Damon.
  • Alaric died. Again. For good this time.
  • We saw, via flashback, that Elena actually met Damon prior to meeting Stefan, but was compelled to forget the interaction.
  • Elena is the most chipper morning person on the planet.

Did you watch? Did you scream? Did you cry? Visit our friends at TV Fanatic for a look at what you can expect on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 and then vote below: Which storyline has you most excited for what's to come?


I luv dis movies,i luv u demon.keep it up u r an actor


@dark angel It doesn't mean nothing nor does it mean everything. Damon was a wreck in Season 1. He didn't spare a single life. Not even his own nephew, yet even discovering she wasn't Katherine, he spared her life, consoled her, even compelled her to find everything she had been looking for, and gave her the answer she had been looking for; she no longer loved Matt because he was too safe. He lacked passion, life, he didn't set her alight. He knew within moments of meeting her that she wanted a love that would consume her, something she previously said in the episode that Damon did. That and even though Damon was the one who was obsessed with Katherine, Stefan was the one who kept her picture for 145 years. Damon had no reminder of her whatsoever.


the fact dat elena met damon first does'nt mata coz he was in luv wit katherine @ da time

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