The Talk Debates Miley Cyrus Sex Advice: Right for Teens?

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The irritating women of The Talk gathered around their table yesterday and proved one thing: they are far more immature than Miley Cyrus.

Attempting to debate the singer's recent comments about how sex should be beautiful and magical, a majority of the discussion on this CBS gabfest ranged from jokes about pulling rabbits out of vaginas to references about sweaty 60-year old breasts.

Eventually, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler sort of brought the topic back to Miley's advice to parents about being honest with their kids about sex, with Gilbert making the only real sense of any panelist.

"What you should also tell aside from that is 'Okay, this is beautiful and great, but it can also be like really complicated and there could be emotional devastation," she said.

Watch the video above and then vote: Is Miley sending the right advice to teens about sex?


Sex is very satisfying and parents try to hide that


I think she should make a statement that changes our parents minds about teen sex :p


100$@ 100$ easy . COm


I feel Miley is 100% right because most parents don't give their children sex education...dey just tell them 'don't do' and teenagers always want to explore new things especially when they are around their peers.So many things to b said but I ll stop ere...


miley is always right n this tym also she is right............she is not talking abt having sex,she told tht we should hav a perfect knowlegde abt it,people thing sex is just havin fun,but she has a diff view which is amazing,unless selena gomez talking abt shit.miley is talking grown up things n mature things.peace out.proud to be smiler go miley u rule the world.


i think miley is right parents don't really give the whole truth about sex, they just say don't do, and its complicated, but that is not fair, but i think it can be a beautiful thing, and also a emotionally bad one, guess people never know what they are going to get, and for the one who said she doesn't want hannah montana having sex needs to get real she is miley cyrus and she is an adult and still growing up, i dout she is the only teen stars in hollywood having sex, they are still people and live normal lives like the rest of us, so get that through your heads people


Miley cyrus is sending a 1 sided msg 2teens....! Thers waaaay more 2sex than just beauty and magic. She need 2grow up.


AMEN...HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP!These women on the talk show should not be there,not only they make fun of women,thereselves actually,Except, SHARON OSBOUNE,because she has the guts to put Miley Cyrus point front and front and center.The big question is if some women in the talk show laugh about sex? These shows that - these are still ignorant about sex in their lives, when in fact - i'm sure most of them are married.Frankly,applauded,Ms Miley Cyrus in her point of view and at 19,MILEY CYRUS IS AMAZING!Most of the talk show host did not understant Mileys'p point about sex and even twisted it,these goes to show your point most of the host are plainly ignorant about sex.To this very end,like MILEY CYRUS,I WOULD SAY - I'M VERY SAD THAT THE BEAUTY AND THE SANCTITY OF SEX IS NOT FULLY UNDERSTOOD AT THIS VERY DAY AND AGE.


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