The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: What Happens in Vegas ...

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This week’s RHOC picks up where last week’s left off, with Gretchen becoming a Pussycat Doll and the gang, including Vicki, is all in Vegas to support her.

But will all the good will between Gretchen and Vicki be left in the desert?

Here’s THG's +/- recap of The Real Housewives of Orange County!

Gretchen Rossi Sings

The girls are all nervous for Gretchen. Gretchen’s nervous for Gretchen. Everyone’s nervous. Except the ACTUAL Pussycat Dolls. While Gretchen changes into her performance outfit, everybody else enjoys the show.

Vicki says Brooks is from the South so he’s never seen anything like this.

Tamra says she could be a gynecologist now.

Plus 5 for the giggles.

It’s time for Gretchen to perform and Alexis’ prayers didn’t pay off. That was rough. But, like Tamra said, she looked great? That’s a plus, right?

The gang has ventured back to Slade and Gretchen’s hotel room for a post-Pussycat Dolls party and to celebrate Gretchen’s birthday. Vicki brought Gretchen a birthday present AND an apology. And then Vicki ruins it by expecting an apology back from Gretchen. Plus 10 for the apology and Minus 20 for ruining the moment.

Slade makes a toast to Gretchen for her hard work. It’s really sweet. Plus 5.
Backstage Pass

The next day, Brooks and Vicki hit the Blackjack tables with Tamra and Eddie. Heather and Terry join them. Tamra and Heather commend Vicki for apologizing to Gretchen. Vicki doesn’t want toxic relationships in her life which is why she says she apologized.

Slade and Gretchen are having a moment. He says that if she just always does what she loves, she’ll never work a day in her life. That that’s why he feels like he’s never worked. She says she’s the luckiest girl in the world. They’re so sweet they make me sick.

Vicki and Brooks are looking at one of Vicki’s properties. Now that she’s divorcing Donn, she’s got to sell off the home they planned to retire in. Or live in it.

Brooks, with one of his Brooks-isms, says “life is 10% what happens to you, honey, and 90% how you respond.”

Ugh. Minus 25 for creeping me out.

Alexis has decided to meet with Gretchen’s hosting coach. Jim and Alexis have prayed about it after their conversation last week, but she says they got different answers from those prayers.

Cheers to the Pussycat Dolls

The hosting coach uses a metaphor about a bus driver and a passenger on a bus and then says “You’re not ready to drive this bus.” That’s an understatement, hosting coach lady. Then she calls her a bimbo. Sort of. Plus 10 hosting coach lady.

After three attempts at reporting on a fake news story, the hosting coach declares Alexis has potential.

Heather and Terry meet up with Gretchen and Slade for dinner. They begin their dinner conversation by talking about Heather and Terry’s worry beads. Then the conversation turns to Gretchen’s career path. She says she’s thinking of Broadway. Or a recording contract. Or performing on stage again.

Hmm, maybe not Broadway, Gretch. Let’s stick to things that can be auto-tuned. But I still love you.

Then the conversation turns to Vicki’s apology and Gretchen’s decision not to return the apology. Heather thinks Vicki could’ve gone about things in a different way and would have perhaps gotten a different response. Like maybe if she hadn’t demanded an apology she would’ve gotten one.

And then they talk about Alexis and Terry calls her phony. Plus 10 to the doctor! Gretchen says that she’s seen a change in Alexis since Gretchen and Tamra have repaired their friendship.
Heather cuts Terry off. No more wine for him! Minus 10 to Heather for ruining the fun.

So, Yeah, We Got Married

Tamra’s son, Ryan, has his first apartment and Tamra shows up with a care package for him - towels and cleaning supplies. Ryan has no furniture so Tamra takes him shopping. She asks him how much he plans to spend and he says “$600 bucks”? Tamra says they might need to go to Ikea instead. She offers to let him borrow the money and he breaks into a sweat.

Eddie calls and tells her not to let him borrow the money. That he needs to figure things out for himself. Which he does while she’s on the phone. He finds a couch within his budget and Tamra throws in some end tables as a gift. Minus 10. He didn’t need the tables.

Vicki, Briana, and Briana’s boyfriend Ryan go to dinner. Ryan’s a Marine and Briana has a thing for men in uniform. And speaking of uniforms and the Marines, Briana has a bomb to drop on her mom.
She got married. In Vegas. In a drive-through chapel.


She says they didn’t tell Vicki about their plans because if she had, she would’ve had to turn her phone off for a week.

Vicki’s speechless. Finally.


Next week, Vicki will finally introduce Brooks and Briana and Slade will ask for Gretchen’s hand in marriage. The old fashioned way. Like Vicki wishes Ryan had done.


Shame on Ryan for his nasty, bigoted, ignorant Mississippi comment made on the Real Housewives of Orange County. FYI: the elite International Ballet Competition is held in Mississippi; the first female federal judge was from Mississippi; MS developed the first planned system of junior colleges in the US; the first nuclear submarine was built in MS; root beer was invented in MS; the first human lung transplant and the first heart transplant surgery were performed in MS. Ryan, do your research and then apologize to the State of Mississippi.


Gooooo Briana!! I really like her and always felt sorry for Donn cos Vicki seems like a nightmare to live with! I mean, come on Vicki? Using your own daughters possible illness for sympathy? Blick x a squillion... Tamra does need to grow up and realise that being the 'bitchy head cheerleader' stereotype has fallen out of fashion ;)


Did I REALLY hear Vicki say that Brooks had not seen burlesque because hes from the south? Well Vicki...I invite you to Nashville where you can poll the guys I know who work at Vanderbilt to show you you are soooo wrong. (And i bring up my Hospital/university peers in case you believe that Tn only houses "hicks"). That comment was Almost as stupid as the helicopter comment you made in another episode. Back and forth from Ca to La in a heli several times a week? You used to appear quite educated...what happened?


Vicki makes me sick and Tamra old but not ladies pair are horrible Vic want a man like tamra. You are so selfish always got to control


Didn't anyone hear Alexis say jim was there to support Gretchen and wasn't enjoying the show....You bettcha !


Poor Gretchen your the best but singing not as good as I had thought. I am so glad you left Vicki hanging with her fake apology. Good girl. Vicki your never going to change and as far as Brooks goes he is a little creepy I really hope it has to do with the editing no one can be that creepy and fly under your radar...... Good luck.....

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