The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Monkey Business

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This week, the Real Housewives of Orange County are headed to Costa Rica. Alexis thinks they're going to Mexico, but that's okay as she also doesn't realize how fake she can be.

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    Tamara has eyes like Charles Manson. She is evil and would throw any friend under the table. Yikes, she's scary!


    Alexis does make stuff up, or exaggerates things because she feels like she has to keep up appearances. While I feel that Tamra needed to stay out of it (she's a bit much sometimes)-- everything that was said was truthful. Gretchen was being a good friend by talking calmly to Alexis. But Alexis has serious defensiveness problems-- she lives in some kind of twilight zone where she is always right and her husband isn't a domineering psycho. Basically, Alexis just needs to just 'be a real person' like Tamra said.


    I think Vicki being a little crazy makes her human. She's obviously having some mood swings...but she's likeable because its actually real. As women we have the right to be a little crazy from time to time. Vicki's right...I want my friends to be honest with me but love me for who I am. No one is going to change at least not today and not because some women who don't like me think so.

    Go weren't dumb or fake in that momemt you read them like the bible.

    P.S. who hates people they don't is an edited t.v. show souped up for drama and ratings....some of us are waaaaayyyy to serious about this show...Vicki's not the only one trippin.


    Tamra is really a bitter individual. She really looks like an old hag almost like a skeleton with hollowed out eyes and she is a skank. Leave Alexis alone SKANKY TAMRA. Also, Tamra was a dog to Gretchen and now she's going to turn on Alexis for Tamra? Some friend.


    If anyone needs to visit an Alanon meeting it is Vickie!!! She definitely looks to any man to define her yet she's hooked up with another man that clearly has a drinking problem. She needs to do some work on herself and maybe that will open her eyes to the complete loser and user that she's currently dating.


    First off, for them taking punches at Alexis, one must know the show is REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY. They are all fake so Tamra needs to get off her high horse instead of worrying about others and realize she's no better. Alexis has never said anything mean and hurtful, as any psychiatrist would say, when someone says something mean, that person obviously is bitter on the inside of the other individual, so I think TAMRA is a jealous witch. They all live off their husbands money (except Viki) the only reason they are starting to gain careers is because of this show. So my words to Tamra, grow up, you are more immature than your son.


    I keep convincing myself that this show is for the sake of entertainment, and for this same reason I continue to watch episode after episode. I have to commend Bravo just like a reknown Author who delivers a good story, however, they really should work on Tamra's persona, because the bitter, petty, threatened, and obvious lack of self esteem is quite boring. I have an idea for Bravo, why not create an alter ego for Tamra, you know, nice, compassionate, loyal- oh wait, this wouldn't work because you have to be beautiful.


    I am soooo glad that Alexis is going to be called out for being so phony! It has been bugging me bad forever, none of them are real women but that's OK if they want to be like that but Alexis is so out of touch with reality it's almost unbelieveable. She wobbles on the shoes she wears and can hardly move in those tight clothes. She is just a puppet for Jim. I hope they ask her "who are you really?".


    Tamara looks like the oldest houswife on OC. Her face needs some work and she looks so pathetic without implants!


    Tamara is such a joke! She looks like a little old lady with her implants removed! Really, does she really think she looks better? She bashes Alexis because she is jealous that Alexis is much more attractive and Tamara likes to start drama! What a loser and joke! Simon will me much happier without that witch!

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