The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Third Eye Blind

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey celebrated the Summer Solstice by trying to open up their third eye chakra on last night's episode. Yeah, we don't know what that means either but we break it all down here in THG's +/- recap!

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    I have watched this show off and on for awhile and I have to tell you .... Tre is one of the most stupid people I have ever heard speak. Is all this for real?


    Seriously, watch your children. I know you wanna have a good time and party but you have young children running around with little or NO supervision. The Wakile's are the only ones that could get away without worry as their kids are older. Get a nanny for the summer people or pay the Wakile's teens to keep an eye on them
    Theresa , give Melissa a break. Suck it up and act like grown-ups. Joe Guidice grow up! You have 4 beautiful girls and the way you act is not for them to see. I bet you feel like you've lost your manhood because your wife is running the show now. Joe Gorga, HELLO, you sound like you're 16 when it comes to getting a little


    I LOVE this show but it cant possibly be any more fake or scripted - do you actually think people behave like that without being paid to ?? Nevertheless its like watching a trainwreck - staged as it is -


    teresa is stupid ugly bitch she wishies she could be melissa.thats why she hate her so much .she is one sick ugly whore


    Pretty good article, except why plus points for Lauren's strange diet?

    I have never liked Teresa and still don't. I am glad Melissa confronted her.

    And btw, some people don't say "going way", they say "going to college". LOL.


    Caroline is also focused on not hurting her parents and keep her family problems out of the program, Too bad for Teresa and her parents that Joe and Melissa do not give a damn about the family

    Hell Caroline just loves to help,,,Such a hypocrite,


    I'm glad Caroline thinks her sons are good looking and successful.


    I use to love Caroline, but in the past 2 seasons I have really changed my mind. She raises those boys to make them think they are god's gift and her daughter -- she just doesn't speak the same way about her and that is so sad.

    p.s. you forgot to mention ashley


    Caroline comes across as a self riotous hypocrite,she has no sense of decency when it comes to family and friends her take on her daughters weight is shameful. To sit in the MD'S office and do all the talking is a put down... To criticize Teresa and think her opinions are justified, leaves one wondering why she doesn't take her own inventory??? Kathy and her husband are just as bad, they really think they are perfect people, far from it..I hate to tell all of you without Teresa the show would be a complete flop.. I'm rooting for Gudice family and their adorable daughters....


    The hilarity in blaming everything on Teresa just shows how pig headed the cast is, and how naive their fans are. Teresa is never allowed to say a word to anyone about anyone or anything and god forbid she does she needs to make several apologies and still to no avail gets any redemption, yet her brother and his hag wife can say whatever they want about her, her kids, her husband, her lifestyle and anything else under the sun, and Teresa is the shit stirring moron?
    So asinine I can't even begin to comprehend it.

    It's clearly and painfully obvious that Joe and Melissa have ulterior motives in joining the show and want to bring Teresa down.

    And Caroline calling Teresa a bully? Ummmm so you aren't a bully by saying mean things to and about Teresa, nor are you a bully to your kid? Yeah, pot kettle.

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