The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Having a Field Day

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey had a field day last night. 

No, really. They called it Field Day when the whole gang got together to have some fun. So who can't get through the day without a meltdown? 

We'll break it all down for you in THG's +/- review.

Teresa Giudice on The Real Housewives of NJ

Teresa Giudice heads home after Kathy's party and tells Joe all about the argument with her brother. Well, that's a mistake. Wasn't she just telling her brother that he shouldn't share their conversations with his wife?

Minus 10. She should really take her own advice.

Joe Guidice reaction has become so typical of him I'm no longer surprised. He tells his wife, "You're a f**kin' idiot for even talking to your f**kin' brother." 

Nice. Minus 12.

But it actually gets worse. After cursing out his brother-in-law he tells Teresa the Gorgas aren't allowed in his home. When Teresa says that will upset her parents Guidice says he'll kick them out too. 

He ends his tirade by telling her, "When I say something, you f**kin' listen and shut up," and if she doesn't he threatens to leave her and the kids.

What a guy. Minus 20.

Of course Teresa doesn't take any of it seriously. She swears they never fight and does nothing but make excuses for her husband. Minus 15. She truly is the queen of denial.
Tug of War

What's worse is that she seems to think she's hiding her disastrous life from her kids. What a mess.

Speaking of mess, did you see Teresa's bathroom? OK, it was huge but it was also the gaudiest, ugliest bathroom I've ever seen and I'm sure it cost tens of thousands to make it that way. 

The drama at the Guidices' gets a little tamer when Gia says she needs a bra. Does she? No, not really but I'm sure there are girls in her class who do and who wants to be left out. So Teresa takes her bra shopping. Plus 8.

The down side…Teresa keeps laughing at her daughter. Not cool. She's telling Gia she's got nothing to put in a bra. OK, so she doesn't but it's not nice to embarrass the girl in the middle of the store.  Minus 6.

As everyone gets ready for Field Day, Lauren's lamenting her weight problem. I was confused when Caroline kept comparing Lauren to her father since Albert doesn't look overweight. That was until they mentioned he's had lap band surgery. Now things make a little more sense.

On to Field Day where Lauren really didn't want to stand next to Melissa in those short, shorts. I just don't think they could get any tinier.

Manzo, C.

As everyone gathers, the news gets around that Joe Gorga sent Teresa an apology text after their fight. Plus 10. He seems to really love his sister and wants to make things better.

But Teresa's telling people she's hasn't heard from him since their fight.  So…did she not see the text or is she lying to her friends to get more attention? The truth is anyone's guess.

Field Day goes off with only one pint sized hitch. When Gia thinks her uncle Joe is cheating at the games she has a meltdown. But instead of letting the girl go off and pout, Jacqueline and Caroline won't leave her alone. 

Minus 9. Although Gia was being a brat, they could have simply let her be.  Instead they just gave the little drama queen more attention which is what she craved in the first place.

Hmmm ... wonder where she gets that from.



This kid Gia acts out in front of cameras regularly. She is an arrogant, disrespectful little brat who likes attention and camera time. Her father Joe Guidice is the reckless drunk driver, forger, and cheater who got arrested. She must be from a very angry, dishonest and denial ridden home environment to act out the way she does. Why does Bravo exploit children this way? Those responsible for bringing these kids into this adult manufactured controversy are piling up their karma. Negative karma.


Teresa does have her crazy problems with her brother, Melissa, and the rest of the girls. She has major problems with her verbally abusive (& possibly physically abusive) ass husband. And yes, her kids may be a little bratty. But #TEAM MELISSA#, I dont care how much u dislike a person, i dont think it would be the wisest or the nicest thing to talk about anybodys children. thats just mean and hateful.


Teresa is certifiably insane. She is a hypocrite with blatant double standards (as was acknowleged right here in saying: "Wasn't she just telling her brother that he shouldn't share their conversations with his wife?") AMEN. Teresa is a stupid, tacky, arrogant, manly bitch and not only is her kid a spoiled brat . . . all four of those poor children are hideously ugly. Teresa and Joe have produced four of the homliest kids I have ever laid eyes on in my life. They should have named them Spot, Fido, Fifi and Rover.


Teresa is an idiot for putting up with husband Joe, what a loser he is. I can't stomach Joe or Teresa much longer and Gia needs an attitude adjustment.


Theresa was n some straight denial not only about her marriage but that spoiled rotten kid as well. I woulda taken that whiney brat aside and put my foot down then made her apologize for her poor behavior and outburst. Shame on everyone else for sugar coating what really needed to be said


Someone needs to get Teresa the help she so badly needs. It's really a sad sight to see.

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