The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Having a Field Day

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey had a field day last night. 

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    What does Jacqueline know about raising kids??? Her daughter Ashley is a loser and looks like a big drug addict, and Jacqueline had to ship Ashley to a 'program' in Nevada...(pssst - think she's AWAY). Caroline is probably a worse mother than Jacqueline. Caroline just loves her little Albie and creams whenever she speaks about him, she likes Criss (who gained about 20lbs - guess he and his FRIEND are very happy together...), and then Caroline drums on her daughter because she's overweight. If I were Teresa I would not want those two to be near my daughters.


    jacqueline not need a friend like teresa,all teresa can do is lie on her own family tht goes to show everyone just wht she is all about...jacqueline is to pretty and sweet of a lady to hang around trash like tht....


    joe and melissa need to just leave joe nut ass crazy ,lieing sister alone .she is doing wht she is doing allbealles she is not happy in her own live so she not want her brother to be happy r anyone at all.


    Have to say I would risk jail if I had to put up with Teresa' s ugly kids. They all deserve to have their asses whipped until they couldn't sit down for a week.

    What the hell was wrong with Gia that she couldn't go get her own mother? Didn't see any reason for the temper tantrum she had.


    justcheryl - LMFAO.

    Jealous of what? Her ugly kids? Her horrendous husband? The way they live WAY beyond their means to keep up appearances? Or Teresa's complete stupidity and insanity? I can't think of a thing about that woman that I would have to be jealous of.

    Melissa, on the other hand, has adorable kids. She is rational, smart, beautiful and talented. She keeps on taking hits from that bitch Teresa and turning the other cheek for the sake of her husband and his family. If I'd been facing off with her at that solstice party, I would have kicked her ass. She DOES owe Melissa an apology, but she is too stupid and stubborn to admit it. Then, she goes running home to tell her fatpighusband every little detail when the entire fight was about Teresa being mad at her brother for doing the same thing she just did. THAT shows how crazy Teresa is. That she can excuse anything she and her fatpighusband says or does, but nobody else can do it.


    TEAM MELISSA: just what i would expect from someone on melissa's team. your jealousy spilleth over maybe????


    lisa marie: VERY WELL SAID!!!


    - cont- If she had done that to me, the last thing she would get is what she was demanding. That is how this kid deserves to be treated. Not only are they physically repulsive looking kids, they are the rudest brats I have ever seen.

    I am sure we all saw the episode where Melanoma called Fido a "stupid whore." Nice. That is the same kid that walked up and slapped the Aereola right in the face for no reason. Teresa is creating four monsters by raising them with a false sense of entitlement. And sadly, they won't even have good looks to fall back on one day. I live for the day when she and that pig she is married to go broke, and they their rotten kids have to live like the rest of us working stiffs. Trust me, when these girls grow up to be stuck-up, demanding, self-centered, hateful creeps who would look down their nose at you in spite of you sticking up for them, maybe you'll get it.


    continued.Theresa was having a good day so they felt the need to attack her parenting. Jacqueline was out to get Teresa all day and if Caroline doesn't let it go her head is going to blow because I can see the steam coming out. Take care of your own children and let Gia's mother take care of hers. You both didn't do so great yourself.


    Of all the NJ families, Kathy and Rich have the best behaved, brightest, most secure and attractive kids. They have done a great job raising their children who seem very loving, secure and happy.

    Caroline always boasts about her kids but they don't seem to have any direction, any professional goals, any education. With all their advantages they seem average in every way. And they're tied to mommie's apron strings.

    Teresa's children are rough, disrespectful and undisciplined. Gia seems unstable and insecure.

    Jacqueline obviously has issues with Ashley, who's a self pitying blob of a human being. Jacqueline was obviously a very immature mom when Ashley was young, but no excuses for Ashley being a bloodsucking leech.

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