The Bachelorette Preview: Get the F*%k Out!

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Emily Maynard is back, and the single mom is not messing around.

When twenty-five men vie for your heart, there will invariably be some bad apples. Still, referring to a six-year-old girl as "baggage"? Not cool, guy.

In a newly-released preview of the new season, beginning tonight, we see Emily go on romantic dates, fall in love ... and quickly become incredulous.

That's because at some point this season, the "here for the wrong reasons" slash "talking smack behind her back" villain (apparently Kalon) emerges.

Watch what happens in ABC's three-minute sneak preview below:

There have been indications, from The Bachelorette spoilers released so far, that the final three consist of ... well, follow the link if you're curious.


(continued) risen from the dead according to the scriptures you are attempting to use as weapons of judgement. If Jesus loved Mary Magdalene and took her in to his circle, why on earth would he be judging everyone on the planet for kissing eachother? Maybe the problem you really have with Emily is that even begging would not get you the kind of attention Emily receives from men. Whether you like her or steam with jealousy over her existence (which you seem to) she happens to be pretty perfect looking. Obviously this is jealousy driven, there is no religious basis for your argument as you claim, and if you were going to try to make an argument it should be directed towards her premarital sex and conception of her daughter, fathered by her late fiance.


Wait a minute, Pam you say what she is doing is Adultry. Wow I thought thats what one was called when a married man or women cheated on their Spouse... Its married.. She is not married. What happened to "Not Judgement" of others.. Don't watch this show and lets not be hypatrical of others


A lot of people says they're Christian, but I suppose to each has a
different meaning. C'mon she had the kid out of wedlock so does it
make it worst for her to be kissing someone? She's a grown woman &
she needs to get a life too.
Christians like you are so easily to judge others. I doubt it very
much if anyone has followed what's in the bible. I just don't understand how Christians think of themselves as holy-er than thou.
We are all sinners & no one is perfect. If you are to judge someone there's plenty of loose women out there who'll need encouragement & your chance of having them listen to you are much
greater than judging this woman.
I respect your view in life....but don't expect everyone to live a
life like yours.


Did not like her season. I am disappointed at Emily because she says she is a Christian and then here she is kissing different guys and apprently saying a bad work when they showed a few episodes of the bachelorette. If you don't know what the word "Christian" means, then don't use it. It means to be "Christ like". Jesus would not be pleased with us kissing so many guys. That is called adultery. We are doing things that are not pleasing Him. We are so caught up in this dying world and it's sin around it that we think it's okay. God forgive this world and open our eyes. Give us conviction when we do something that does not please you.

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