Terrell Owens, Baby Mamas CRUSHED By Dr. Phil

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Terrell Owens appeared on Dr. Phil yesterday with the three (of the four) women he has children with, and the TV personality eviscerated all of them.

Very politely, but still.

The ex-NFL great and the mothers of the kids he fathered (and say he doesn't pay child support for) hashed out their differences in front of a live audience.

And Dr. Phil. The erstwhile TV shrink started the show by going fairly easy on Owens, and never got flat-out harsh with the footballer. But the truth hurts.

Phil basically told Owens he's an irresponsible human being (which T.O. to his credit acknowledged) and needs to be the father he personally never had.

It was a sad and confusing display, made all the more so by Owens, now nearly broke and alone, recalling of his (lack of) relationship with his own father.

Not that Terrell's previous flings were spared by any means.

Dr. Phil gave them a verbal dressing down as well, accusing them of stonewalling T.O. out of spite and likely scarring their children for life as a result.

We never thought we'd say this about the TV spectacle, but maybe they all needed to hear it from someone ... and Phil certainly doesn't mince words.


The women saw $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And T.O. saw an opportunity to buss a few nuts.


God please bless all involved.


Im watching this show and im listening to these gold digging women talk smack on him... leave him alone the man pays u guys so much money for them kids... u guys make me sick... the guy pry trys but i know how it is n u woman try n manipulate everything


Sad to this has been going on and will not stop, dumb ass gold digging numb skulls.


So this is the kind of shit people payed good money to watch play football on Sundays. You have got to be an ignorant fuck to come up broke after making millions of dollars. Hopefully America will take note and realize to idolize this kind of pathetic human being is a total waste. The women that follow these types- that in itself speaks volumes! Character among people on the Tube is a rare thing. It's impossible to stear youth in the right direction with phony shit like this and the women groupies are everything that feeds this waste.


Regarding Terrell Owens, I think that the women bear just as much responsibility has he does. They seem to have taken advantage of Mr. Owens being an NFL player. In other words, Golddiggers. Why did they not protect themselves sexually? I'm sure they new a ballplayer would not be faithful so why expose yourself. Money. How do they explain their behavior to these children. And no child on earth needs $20,000 per month child support.

Wv peach

With the amount of birth control options available today, there is no reason for "surpises". I watched 10 minutes of this bullshit before I changed the channel. I feel for all of these kids.... their father is MIA and each mom is hell-bent on squeezing blood from a turnip. smh....

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