Teresa Giudice and Lisa Lampanelli: Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Only five "star" contestants remained on Celebrity Apprentice going into Sunday night, so every flip of the hair was critical to stay in the competition.

So to speak. The contestants were tasked with a hair-raising project.

Lisa Lampanelli proclaimed herself project manager for Team Forte, while The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice led Team Unanimous.

The teams were tasked with creating a four-page print ad for the CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen hair dryer, and pitching it to Farouk Systems and Elle.

Lisa Lampanelli Pic
Teresa Giudice Celebrity Apprentice Pic

Lisa and Clay Aiken decided to capture the Elle girl by featuring women whose outward appearances don't always reflect who they really are. Sweet.

When the models arrived for Team Unanimous' shoot, meanwhile, Aubrey O'Day decided she should replace a professional model. She worked it hard.

It didn't work. Lisa's team won the task and $100,000 for charity, and Teresa Giudice got the chop for the losing team ... oh, but there was more to come!

The remaining contestants had to interview with former stars John Rich and Marlee Matlin, and Lisa's torment of Dayana Mendoza caught up with her.

Although she's a funny lady, she did not win over the interviewers and her humor was too much for the competition. Yes, Lisa was finally sent home.

Who are you more happy to see go this week? Lisa or Teresa?


ok so listen up everyone, whats going to happen is for the final they will make sure dayana and lisa will be on the same team, lets see how lisa's big,mouth and big fat ass get her anywhere this time.
i hope dayana makes mincemeat out of her.............


Lisa was a bully and her so called 'humor' was crude and extremely offensive - glad to see her gone - finally! It was long overdue. Her treatment of Dayana Mendoza was unfair and mean. There was a obvious language issue for Dayana, especially with obscure and/or idiomatic expressions. A good, perceptive project manager or team member would have realized this and helped explain things to her, not ridicule her and attempt to portray her as stupid. Dayana outclassed Lisa on all levels and showed restraint where Lisa was an emotional train wreck. Lisa was really the stupid one, especially her demeaning off line comments about Latinos. Not a smart move. Even though her team won last night, they knew they had to get rid of her, and she is gone. She is gone because of her stupid comments about Dayana and Latinos and the terrible way she treats people.


Good to see Lisa fired. I'm sorry but even if Dayana didn't come up with the bulk of the ideas atleast she did not act like an unstable raving lunatic...
Its funny how women (i use this term loosely in regards to Lisa) will hate on other prettier woman for no good reason.
it was extremely obvious she was jealous... Deny it all you want Lisa but you know its true.
I particularly enjoyed when Lisa said "I can feel it in my heart that I'm the new celebrity apprentice" ..and 5 seconds later Donald says "Lisa, your fired"
Lisa maybe you should lose some weight if it will make you feel better about yourself.. just a thought.


I'm glad they are gone, that's just 2 more down before Clay Aiken wins it all! Just like he should have on American Idol!


bye bye lisa you evil witch!


I think that Aubrey and Clay will be the final two. Arsenio will probably be fired because of his bad temper.


I am thrilled that Lisa Lampanelli got fired last nite...i guess her bullying finally backfired on her, and i LOVE IT>....she is a fat disgusting, homily woman, who is sooo jealous of any woman who is attractive...she should lose weight, and act like a lady instead of like a dude....she got me sick...next to go has to be that narcisistic moron Aubrey O'day...talk about loving yourself...to me she is sooo frigin homily because of her attitude...i pray she does not win this competition...Trump really needs to get a-listers on his show...don't get why his show is so popular with these so-called celebrities...this has been the worst show yet...if i had to choice i would pick Clay Aiken, even Arsenio Hall would be ok to win compared to that "into herself only" "I love me" Aubrey O'Day....yukkkkkkkkkkkk....


Teresa hid in the background the entire show. She does not have the IQ to be on a show that requires
strategy, creativity or public speaking. She should have been gone week 1. I didn't like Lisa's bullying
so am equally glad she is gone. Now it is Aubrey's turn.
I predict that Clay will win. I've been very impressed by him.


Buh bye Tre.....glad to see you go. Witch!


I do not think the lack of brains was Dayana's problem. It was her lack of experience with the English language. Often times she was confused by the use of words she had not heard before or were used to mean something different. If Lisa was so dang smart she would have realized that and been a little more patient and kind. Lisa and Aubrey are two very self centered individuals who think they are superior to others.

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