Teresa Giudice and Lisa Lampanelli: Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Only five "star" contestants remained on Celebrity Apprentice going into Sunday night, so every flip of the hair was critical to stay in the competition.

So to speak. The contestants were tasked with a hair-raising project.

Lisa Lampanelli proclaimed herself project manager for Team Forte, while The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice led Team Unanimous.

The teams were tasked with creating a four-page print ad for the CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen hair dryer, and pitching it to Farouk Systems and Elle.

Lisa Lampanelli Pic
Teresa Giudice Celebrity Apprentice Pic

Lisa and Clay Aiken decided to capture the Elle girl by featuring women whose outward appearances don't always reflect who they really are. Sweet.

When the models arrived for Team Unanimous' shoot, meanwhile, Aubrey O'Day decided she should replace a professional model. She worked it hard.

It didn't work. Lisa's team won the task and $100,000 for charity, and Teresa Giudice got the chop for the losing team ... oh, but there was more to come!

The remaining contestants had to interview with former stars John Rich and Marlee Matlin, and Lisa's torment of Dayana Mendoza caught up with her.

Although she's a funny lady, she did not win over the interviewers and her humor was too much for the competition. Yes, Lisa was finally sent home.

Who are you more happy to see go this week? Lisa or Teresa?


So glad Lisa got the boot. I jumped for Joy.


Glad they are both gone! They turned my stomach...Now I can enjoy the show!


I am so glad that Teresa was FINALLY FIRED from Celebrity Apprentice. Also, as much as I dislike Aubrey, Teresa had no right to preach to Aubrey about morals. Remember...on her own reality show, Teresa has been known to (1) bully people...including members of her own family and (2) threaten people. Then, my gladness over Teresa being fired came to an abrupt HALT when Lisa (my FAVORITE this season) was next to be fired. WHAT THE FUCK????? I agree with Beth...Lisa was smart and motivated. Here's what I LOVED about Lisa aka LL this season:
1. She pulled NO PUNCHES (personality-wise).
2. She kept things VERY REAL!!!!!
3. She beautifully BUSTED HER ASS to earn money for her charity!!!!!
At this point, I want either Arsenio or Clay to win Celebrity Apprentice. I just don't want that snotty BITCH Aubrey to win.


I think Teresa might want to throw her name behind some hair removal products rather than the teeth whitening products. She should start by taking a few inchs off her hairline which is currently swallowing her face.


Lets see...did Lisa outsmart Teresa. Well...yea. Hell, I'm fairly certain my blender could outsmart Teresa. Watching that "negotiation" was actually painful. Aubrey...yea, okay, if you had a hair color that exists in nature you MIGHT get away with claiming it's real. I know she was just kidding, but I mean, is there anything REAL about Aubrey at all. Her eye color also doesn't exist in nature. I think she is bright, but she wouldn't last a minute in the real corporate world addressing her superiors the way she does and dissing co-workers in a non-constructive way behind their backs to her boss. Damn, if only the world loved Aubrey as much as Aubrey loves Aubrey. Routing for Clay to take it all.


Oh, I hated Dayanna! She just sat around complaining and not doing anything. She only lasted as long as she did because she's pretty. But that doesn't make it in the real world of business. I liked Lisa because she was smart and motivated. I can't believe they kicked her off for being honest, I'm not even going to bother watching the rest of the stupid show. The only one left intelligent enough to win is Aubrey and she's so conceited it's sickening.


Deep down Lisa was just a scared little girl inside soooooo jealous of Dayanna. How will appearing on the show ever help her with her moving forward. I think a lot of people have been turned off!


lisa is just jeleous because dayana is slim,beautiful,happy and a beauty queen. lisa is fat,ugly,has a big nose,bags under her eyes,and a big nobody...sorry lisa youre a looser


I was thrilled that Lisa was sent home. She was totally unbearable. There is definitely something wrong with her - bipolar maybe, i dont know. Her temper is out of control even though she somehow think she uses it wisely! wrong!! Her language is out of control also. She is a very disgusting individual, and anyway KARMA gets you every time!!! Good riddance!!!!


i want to see aubrey win, she has had good solid idea's,and she is so cute, clay thinks hes special but he's not........you go aubrey

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