Teresa Giudice and Lisa Lampanelli: Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Only five "star" contestants remained on Celebrity Apprentice going into Sunday night, so every flip of the hair was critical to stay in the competition.

So to speak. The contestants were tasked with a hair-raising project.

Lisa Lampanelli proclaimed herself project manager for Team Forte, while The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice led Team Unanimous.

The teams were tasked with creating a four-page print ad for the CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen hair dryer, and pitching it to Farouk Systems and Elle.

Lisa Lampanelli Pic
Teresa Giudice Celebrity Apprentice Pic

Lisa and Clay Aiken decided to capture the Elle girl by featuring women whose outward appearances don't always reflect who they really are. Sweet.

When the models arrived for Team Unanimous' shoot, meanwhile, Aubrey O'Day decided she should replace a professional model. She worked it hard.

It didn't work. Lisa's team won the task and $100,000 for charity, and Teresa Giudice got the chop for the losing team ... oh, but there was more to come!

The remaining contestants had to interview with former stars John Rich and Marlee Matlin, and Lisa's torment of Dayana Mendoza caught up with her.

Although she's a funny lady, she did not win over the interviewers and her humor was too much for the competition. Yes, Lisa was finally sent home.

Who are you more happy to see go this week? Lisa or Teresa?


Glad to see Lisa gone...very unclassy ugly individual. If she were representing my non-profit I would be appauled and embarrassed. She may have earned them some money, but she did not represent them well. This is the first apprentice that I refused to watch after the first 4 episodes because they allowed her to stay and abuse people the way she did. I can not begin to verbalize how angry it made me. Mr Trump, your better than that.


Lisa needs a heart transplant, like sheep's or pig's or cow's. Anyone of the above would do to replace that cold-stoned black and ugly heart of hers.


When I saw that sad excuse for a woman LUMP-of-cley-yi and her appaling and shameless rampages throughout the show getting fired I jumped 3 m. high wih joy.Her inside is even uglier than her outside, and her hysterical crying fits than mad and sickening put downs of various cast members made me wanna reach out and punch her through the screen. I am glad that trump saved her behind till the final four to let her make one final time an enormeous fool out of herself by stating that she and only she can be CA. Talking about delusional! That much sweeter was the moment, when he told her few min. later "lisa you're fired". It was sheer fun watching all the air coming out of her ego-inflated baloon. The only crown you're fit to wear is the "QUEEN OF MEAN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank goodness Lisa the wicked witch of the east and west got FIRED!!! Classless and a very ugly person inside.


I an thrilled that both these women got fired, but especially elated that Lisa got fired just for being her heartless self in the interviews. Take That L.L.


So happy Lisa is gone. They should not have kept her so long. If I didn't love the other cast members so much, I would not have watched. Her behaviour is appalling. If she acts like that on TV, what is she like in real life? She is so emotionally abusive, I wonder how bad it gets! I felt abused just having to hear her hollering all of the time, and had my thumb on the mute button this season.


glad lisa LUMPanelli is gone. her behavior was a true act of bullying and that is a crime!! when someone doesnt pull their weight in the tasks lisa could say...u didnt do much and keep her foul mouth shut. no need to belittle someone to make ones ownself superior. trump allows bullying on his show?? guess he wants drama for more viewers at the expense of other contestants being verbally attacked. strange people can be arrested for verbal hate crimes an bullying but guess if you are a celebrity u are above the law


finally LL is gone but she forgot her little dog Aubrey...


Thrilled to death that Lisa L. is finally gone....she was nothing but a homily, loud mouthed, classless, jealous person, who should have been fired months ago...as for Theresa, i liked her, but she was on the dumb side...hoping Clay wins.....


Lisa's behaviour was appalling. I think she is completely unhinged and was surprised that Mr Trump didn't give her the bullet earlier. She is a person who always has a target to attack because ultimately she is a miserable person who lacks empathy.He may be a successful business man but made a lot of questionable decisions. Why would he want the Trump brand to be associated in any way with Lisa's unstable, demeaning and derogatory behaviour. Watching Lisa made my very uncomfortable it was ground hog day watching her unravel over and over again. Hopefully she will watch herself and seek some professional help.

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