Taylor Armstrong: Catastrophic Meltdown Alert!

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Taylor Armstrong is continuing to fall apart before our very eyes. Or before Bravo cameras, really, as producers' plans luck may have it.

Armstrong, Taylor

Following reports of Armstrong getting blitzed at a recent kids' birthday party, sources now tell Radar Online that Armstrong suffered a "catastrophic meltdown" during a spa trip over the weekend.

"Taylor was wasted from the moment she appeared in the morning until the moment she collapsed at night," claims this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills source. "It was a horrific sight to see. She totally lost control of her emotions and her temper. She is an absolute complete mess, but she refuses to acknowledge that she has a problem."

Well, sure. That's because the script hasn't called for it yet.

The incident took place at Ojai Valley Inn, with witnesses claiming Armstrong was "all over the place" while shooting scenes with cast members. These same friends have allegedly been pushing for Taylor to enter rehab. Expect the crux of her season three storyline to be this supposed substance abuse problem.


Another drama queen. I can see her now,pick me pick me,pick me............


Taylor had a meltdown? Really??? That's pretty shocking...she seemed so stable.


Please. This vicious, vile, psychotic POS needs to be locked away for good in a loony bin. This is just another attention getting ploy and I have zero sympathy for her. She creates her own problems with her never-ending drama then attacks anyone who doesn't suck up and kiss her ugly, skinny ass.


Who is taking care of her daughter if she is dealing with all of these meltdowns, this can't be healthy for the child because I don't think that a person that's unstable going through all these emotions can just turn it off. Really sad!


So The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills turned into The Real Alcoholics of Beverly Hills. Don't need to watch a show with both Kim and Taylor as alcoholics. As a recovering alcoholic, not interested.