Tameka Foster Wants to Live in a Mansion

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Tameka Foster has gone from threatening to pleading.

The ex-wife of Usher is tangled up with the R&B sensation inside a Georgia courtroom these days, fighting over custody of the former couple's children, along with alimony payments.

But while Foster admitted last week that she did once threaten to eff up Usher and his new girlfriend, sources tell TMZ Tameka sounded a different tone in mediation yesterday.

Usher and Tameka Foster in a Car

She just really doesn't want to be left homeless.

Based on their divorce settlement, Usher can reportedly kick Foster out of his mansion at any time, providing he gives her 60 days notice.

Therefore, Tameka is asking the singer to make this home permanent for him and for his two kids. His response: ain't gonna happen. I've given you enough already. A judge will rule on the pair's issues later this month.


Morals morals morals all could do with developing some Usher went there eyes open and above his mum's better advise clearl displayed by her absence at the wedding


Morals morals morals all could do with developing som


Tameka's wanting to live in a mansion (or wherever) is NOT Usher's problem. Usher's main and top priority here are the 2 children and NOT that WHACK-JOB Tameka. Case closed.


I really feel for Usher, I hated that he got "voodooed" into marrying her. (ok maybe not but what other reason wouldf he have married her? He was not his in "right mind and she took advantage of him. That's why his mom was so upset (mamas know best and they can see thru these women that are after their sons now Usher has got to pay and that;s exactly what she was after a payday especially why she had two more children to seal the deal she should really give the kids to Usher since she is relying on his money to take care of them .


Did she forget how she got him? Through deception..... She befriended Chili and then took her man... She also left her other 3 children with her ex-husband, only to have two more.... Did she really expect things to end happily for her after the way she handled her prior marriage?
I'm sure that Usher is kicking his own self for going down that road...


POOR THING! A gul gotta be strong. Go make yo own money honey! A break up is never an easy thang.


we all want to live in mansions. but some of us have to settle for glass houses.

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