Suge Knight: NOT Arrested For Tupac's Murder

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Suge Knight has NOT been arrested for the unsolved 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur, despite what recent Twitter rumors would have you believe.

The ex-Death Row honcho's crime record includes prison stints for drug possession, assault and probation violations over the last quarter century.

It does not, however, include a recent murder accusation.

Suge Knight Mug Shot Photo

Tupac was signed to Knight's label when he was gunned down in a Las Vegas drive-by in 1996, a murder that has never led to an arrest ... possibly because Shakur is not really dead, at least according to conspiracy theorists.

Spokeswoman Laura Meltzer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which allegedly arrested Knight, spoke to E! about the rumor:

"I don't have any information that [Suge Knight was arrested]. We picked him up on traffic warrants in February ... that is the last arrest I show for him."

Indeed, Knight was busted February 10 for drug possession during a routine traffic stop. Give it a month or two and there will be something else.

Although Knight was never a police suspect in Shakur's murder, he was driving the vehicle Shakur was killed in, resulting in long-held speculation.

Suge, a notorious, hard-ass criminal, is believed by many to have ordered the hit(s) on Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., whose murder is also unsolved.

Knight also fueled the fire recently by saying Tupac might be alive. In other Tupac news, a hologram resurrected him at Coachella last month.

Check that out below if you missed it ...

What do you think: Is 2Pac dead?


I hate secrets and the government gots a lot of em ! i believe the gvmts got a lot to do with shxt like this . Real talk . People say hes mentally unstable and people say theyve seen the autopsy results. i dont know wtf do believe and it irritates me! i Wish i just could've been there on that night but i was just a baby . i HATE THE GOVERNMENT. What else are they hiding !? this might sound rediculous , but anyone who says they have seen him or know what happene , e mail me at " w/a Q


Tupac shakur is alive and well and living in Cuba and will show him self in 2014


Suge knight n death row started the east coast west coast drama between 2pac n Biggie just to have free publicity. Everyone that knew PAC even said the day he signed with Suge n death row he filled out his own death certificate. Suge's a low life that got away with probably conspiracy to both 2 PAC n Biggies deaths n still can't stay outta jail


Yeah, i've always thought that the govt. might've been involved. Who knows? People say that they 'silenced' him once and for all. Those same theories have also been put with the deaths of 'The big 3' of the 'forever 27' club (even tho pac was 25) hendrix, joplin and morrison...even up to JFK RFK and MLK jr on a similar scale. These people, just like Pac were getting too big with their influence...inciting the people to look around and question the govts. authority. Wouldn't suprise me...idk. Just had to say


I'm not saying he is alive or dead god knows but everybody makes a good point on both sides. Would he be worth more dead. Would it have been a good idea to fake his own death. If people was trying to kill him if u listen to his music he tells u of death and reserection. Mackavelli for example pac was no dummy he didn't just have brains but money if he was murdered let's hope. The suspect or suspect be baught to justice and till then r.I.p pac


I really don't know what 2 think but tupac was the man missed but never forgotten


An investigation of murderous attacks on Tupac Shakur since 1994, presents overwhelming evidence that Suge Knight was lower man on the totem pole regarding U.S. Intelligence's orchestration of Tupac's murder. this was at least the 6th murderous attack on him with links to U.S. Intelligence. for more information, see The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders.


and to allmorons.... ur the moron why would pac fake his death for insurance reasons? he had money ur an idiot please post on rascal flatts threads ur embarassing to real hip hop


Ya its a big deal to fake ur death but do u understand how big of an impact tupac had on our country? the government dont like that shit. I dont beleieve he is alive, but i would not be suprised if the government is the reason for his death/dissapearance. Tupac was a revolutionary he gave hopeless people hope and at the same time exposed a life that the liberal media didnt want in the spotlight. tupac is a legend in america, a household name no matter what house ur in or how old u are u know who pac is. i dont know why ppl keep sayin 14 years its been 16 R.I.P Tupac


Anyone to think that he is alive is a moron. Even Tupac himself isn't stupid enough to fake his own death. Do any of you realize what the US government would do to him is he somehow became resurrected from the dead? Not to mention the crimes of insurance fraud that would be brought upon him. It wouldn't pay since he would spend the rest of his life in prison then the rest of his sentence buried on the prison grounds. By the time he would be able to be moved everyone would be asking who the hell is tupac "SHAKER". Although i did see Elvis and Bruce Lee getting coffee at our local convenience store last week. IDIOTS

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