Suge Knight: NOT Arrested For Tupac's Murder

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Suge Knight has NOT been arrested for the unsolved 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur, despite what recent Twitter rumors would have you believe.

The ex-Death Row honcho's crime record includes prison stints for drug possession, assault and probation violations over the last quarter century.

It does not, however, include a recent murder accusation.

Suge Knight Mug Shot Photo

Tupac was signed to Knight's label when he was gunned down in a Las Vegas drive-by in 1996, a murder that has never led to an arrest ... possibly because Shakur is not really dead, at least according to conspiracy theorists.

Spokeswoman Laura Meltzer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which allegedly arrested Knight, spoke to E! about the rumor:

"I don't have any information that [Suge Knight was arrested]. We picked him up on traffic warrants in February ... that is the last arrest I show for him."

Indeed, Knight was busted February 10 for drug possession during a routine traffic stop. Give it a month or two and there will be something else.

Although Knight was never a police suspect in Shakur's murder, he was driving the vehicle Shakur was killed in, resulting in long-held speculation.

Suge, a notorious, hard-ass criminal, is believed by many to have ordered the hit(s) on Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., whose murder is also unsolved.

Knight also fueled the fire recently by saying Tupac might be alive. In other Tupac news, a hologram resurrected him at Coachella last month.

Check that out below if you missed it ...

What do you think: Is 2Pac dead?


King of Hip Hop


Pac was a true poet but the man is gone not his music. Me & my girlfriend, well someone elses girlfriend got the king of rap. R.I.P. pac you will be missed.


cant understand why poeple give attention to shit the so called pac is
dead and gone so there is nothing on earth that will approve to me that
he is alive


for me pac is dead and all those shit about him is ficticious


Let da man rest n peace .ppl jus need suin ta debate about


Shakur is dead but not his music and fame.I wonder the heights hiphop would be if he was alive.He was everything,a genius with great store of information,Illuminati killer.I truly miss him,a brother who fell victim to the street.LIFE GOES ON


Just close your eyz N Picture him roillin P.I.P TUPAC!!!!!!!!!!!! HIP HOP IS NOT THE SAME


tha guys dead this is wat he's dne to yas his music that strong ppl dnt wanna beleive hes dead.all this talk bout fake autopsys n shit y wud any1go thru all dis trouble n coverups.yeh maybe dere was summat behind it but him an b.i.g r dead blad.i think they were just in tha way ov all dis shit


See People.Its slowly starting.These ppl high up will take their sweet time dissecting him. Bring him into order.More misbehaving & not making $$$ for them means Bad Times. If he retaliates against them, then its nigh nigh time for him. Remember $$$ buys ppl to take care of lifes little problems.Never mind goverment rahrah. Its just a farce,so we dont look into the real persons behind it.Hip Hop sure has changed.


Pity hes gone talented man. Illuminati pricks. Cannot have him going around badmouthing them. I think lil wayne was extremely jealous of him. Jay Z the same. He only ever wanted to tell it like it was. Just that those in the hip hop scene high up had other plans. When you dont play the game consequences may happen. Puppet on a string,who got sick of them making $$$ off him.Sex drugs and rapping can only go so far. As for suge,hes a wanker& if he keeps pissing the ppl off high in the food chain.He will be next.I promise you that.RIP mate.

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