Sophie Sumner Wins America's Next Top Model: British Invasion

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U.K. contestant Sophie Sumner and American contender Laura LaFrate battled it out for the title on America's Next Top Model: British Invasion last night.

When all was said and done, Sophie took home the crown.

On the season finale of the long-running CW hit, Sophie recorded the dialogue for her CoverGirl commercial, while Laura shot the ad for the makeup line.

Sophie Sumner Picture

Right when she finished, Laura started having a full-on panic attack. She was rushed to the hospital, but was fine and got back in the game soon afterward.

The girls then did a shoot for Vogue Italia, and Laura killed it, reminding Sophie that this was very much a competition. But she couldn't surpass her.

After Sophie and Laura both hit the catwalk for Forever 21, with less than 90 seconds (!) for wardrobe change, the winner was finally announced.

Congratulations, Sophie Sumner, on your victory.

What do you think? Did she deserve to win?

soooo happy
sophie wins!!!!
she's my favorite....
since Britain's next top model...


Congratulations Sophie. I knew that you and Laura would be in the final. I looooooooooove you both


Congrats Sophie!! You deserve it!!


Yay Sophie you won!
You are my favorite model!!
You deserved to win and so happy for you!
My heart was racing so fast when tyra was going to announce the winner because i wanted you to win and you did :)


i am so happy for sophie. at first i saw her in antm: british invasion, i told myself that sophie won this competition because of her aura. i like her beauty inside and out. this was my first time that i've been addicted to watch america's next top model because of her, i always watching you. i am your number one fan, sophie. CONGRATULATIONS! :))


Sophie won because she is a charismatic, beautiful, statuesque, lovable person.


I was totally routing for her since the beginning. :)


I am so happy for Sophie! I liked her best from the beginning, and she has a sweet, upbeat personality as well.


I liked them both so much, but I know that she was going to win. She just has that certain modelesque thing.


While they all had their own unique modeling talent I had already knew from the beginning a UK girl was going to win. I felt n a way it was unfair that the UK girls were former model contestants in their home. As a lot of people felt when Ann had won I feel a UK girl won to avoid conterversy(?) Congrats to Sophie