Sophie Sumner Wins America's Next Top Model: British Invasion

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U.K. contestant Sophie Sumner and American contender Laura LaFrate battled it out for the title on America's Next Top Model: British Invasion last night.

When all was said and done, Sophie took home the crown.

On the season finale of the long-running CW hit, Sophie recorded the dialogue for her CoverGirl commercial, while Laura shot the ad for the makeup line.

Sophie Sumner Picture

Right when she finished, Laura started having a full-on panic attack. She was rushed to the hospital, but was fine and got back in the game soon afterward.

The girls then did a shoot for Vogue Italia, and Laura killed it, reminding Sophie that this was very much a competition. But she couldn't surpass her.

After Sophie and Laura both hit the catwalk for Forever 21, with less than 90 seconds (!) for wardrobe change, the winner was finally announced.

Congratulations, Sophie Sumner, on your victory.

What do you think? Did she deserve to win?

hi sophie...i like your pink hair,,you're only one to got idea,dye your hair from (i don't know what i called in your hair) into pink...that's why i idolized you.the way you ramp in're so great,,when you're visit here in Philippines for one clothing line,i'm sad because i've never giving a chance to see you...but i know you're so great,,,i know you're a nice person...good luck in your project as a new model of america and now you're representative of brittain...Godbless...


Low ratings without the 2 Jay's. We miss them. That pretty boy toy you have is sickening. Word is you hired him ,cause you and him are hooking up.


i think lura shoulld have won. but i luv u both congrates!


Amaizing sophie
conggarats your win
for me your so
and very very very
super model .
your dream come true


Sophie is like "Ms. Sunshine!!" She so deserves to win!!!


Yessssssssss! Sorry but i didn't really like laura


i really love yuo sophie ! no one else deserves the title but YOU alone :) congrats !


sophie luv ur pink hair . luv you .congratulation .