Snooki Looking to Give Birth in Leopard Print

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So far, Snooki hasn’t let her pregnancy cramp her style. She intends on making sure that's the case, too, even in the process of cranking that kid out.

The 24-year-old mother-to-be is saying that she wants to keep it trendy right up until she gives birth, and that means leopard print in the delivery room.

Effing Snooki.

Snooki, Baby

“I want to wear, like, leopard shoes and a leopard gown, like the hospital gowns that they have. I think that would be cute,” the Jersey Shore star said last week.

Depending on the sex of her child, Snooki (who is promoting her new book Gorilla Beach) added that she also wants to add a little animal print to her nursery.

“If it’s a boy, it’s gonna be maybe something Disney or safari. If I have a girl, it’s going to obviously be animal print ... zebra, leopard and pink,” she said.

Poor him/her. Snooki also told Celebuzz what it's like to return to the latest, greatest season of Jersey Shore, despite being with child.

“We’re still working that out. I don’t know where I’m gonna be living, or my involvement, just because I’m pregnant and I want to be as healthy as possible with it. But I couldn’t picture myself not being a part of it.”

What should Snooki name her baby?



obviously she is doing something right, look at her fame, look at how many people are on this webpage reading up on her. Hating or not your still here just as I. So what does it matter how she will raise her baby..its just that..HER baby.


Really.... Nicole is who she is so as long as it ain't u then why be a hater? Instead of worrying about what's she's doing wrong, worry about what Ur doing wrong cause we all know nobodys perfect and if u think u r then U! Need help. Its she who's having the baby and she who will live and learn, I've seen worse people raise kids just fine. So stop drinkin that hater aide cause u all know u would love to party and live life like she does and if u could have all this attention on u wether good nor bad u would cause u know both hoollywood and all these people eat that shit up! Do u snooki! It is what it is!


To everybody that post a comment here are juss haters Cuz nobody pays attention to them go get a life nd be ur self for real specially the person saying someone kill her are so stupid snooki is doing that best she can for her baby so leave her alone u BITCHES GO FIX YOUR LIFES.....


i thin everyone needs to get over yourself, yall dont know her, yea yall her her from t,v but get over yalls self, she is a sweet lady and she well do just find, if she needs any hepl she got her family and friends, i wish people can just grow up and mine there own, what if someone was say thing about you, u wouldnt like it so stop im only 15 about to be 16 and my baby is going to be 2, and i think i donr=e a good Job so far, so yall get a life leave that girl alone, i got ur back Nicole, dont let anyone get to you , u do what you think is right to do , love ur girl


i think she can be a good mama. if i can be a mama at 13 she can levae her paty days for her baby, but still have fun knowing tht she has a little on to take care of.


ayye she gonna be a moma but is she really gonna be a good one.! i say she should just stop partying nd spend more time on that baby&being a mother.i hope that babe isnt like her mother lol nd seeing her get punched in the face!^.^


Hey guyz! don't be so they say
"dont judge the book by itz cover.. even if snooki is
alcoholic, or a moron, or WSE she is still a human
she deserve to be respected and to tell u honestly
i see myself to her when i was at her age. I love party
hangout w/ my friend, always drunk, smoking cigar and
marijuana but when i met my hubby and i got pregnant
to him things change. I totally change. and now im happy.
So please stop all this bullshit because all of this can hurt
snooki and her baby. For all of the persons who is being so
mean to snooki all i can say is "Andate tutti a fanculo"..
love ya snooki..xoxo
to snooki think first


Snookie is no mother, that's for sure, she is an alcoholic, slut who has no class, oh and she can't wrap that pea sized brain around motherhood while she is in da club!!! I don't think she even wears underwear and I hope she gets tested on a regular basis for all STD'S, It's serious, especially now that she's pregnant!!!!!!!!!


Snooki is one of those airhead type of girls..... God bless her. I wish some1 could raise the baby 4her, imagine one day u wake up n yo mom is snooki..... My freaken word i'd wana sleep 4ever.


Can someone, anyone just kill this midget....OMG i still can't believe she gets paid for being an asshole, and getting drunk 24/7...i really feel for the baby who is about to be born...God help that poor child.....HATE THIS MORON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ewwwwww

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