Snooki: Evicting Herself From Jersey Shore House!

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Snooki is not quitting Jersey Shore, but she is evicting herself, so to speak.

She'll no longer be living in the same biohazard cesspool of disease as the rest of the cast, as she's secured her own private place nearby.

The expectant mom is taking her pregnancy seriously, choosing to live NEAR the Jersey Shore house rather than IN it for obvious reasons.

Snooki Highlights

Surrounding yourself with drunken, loud roommates while pregnant? Not the best move. Surprisingly, Snooki realized this! Amazing, no?

Due in early fall, filming this summer for Snooki will mean she'll be in prime popping position. All the more reason to have a pad of her own.

Between this and a sober Situation (who just got out of rehab), it's shaping up to be the lamest, and possibly last, season of the Shore.

Who wants to see adults making mature decisions?! That's what her new reality show is for. Speaking of, watch the Snooki & JWoww trailer!



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i cant wait to see the new jersey shore with them all grown up no matter if there young and crazy or grown up an mature ill watch it either way i love the jersey shore every single one of them i dont hate on none of them and congrads to snokki i think shell be a great mom we were all young an crazy so dont judge her on that and for mike congrads for making a stand an getting help when needed,paulys just awesome all around new spin off doing big things like we knew he whould,vinny the youngest but the one whos got his head on right he just rocks,ronnie and sam are just perfect for each other if they can make through every thi ng they already have then they got this and jwow the mom of the show looking great keep up the good work and congrads tp deena who just married chris so i think i said every thing i had to bye bye ......jersey shore fan ANGEL


I love jersey shore pauly d and vinny are hot i hate mike and sammy for being fake snooks deena and jwow are awesome and so hilarious


don't hate snooks is the shit luv her funny ass and I think she's very pretty


It's a fake show damn ppl u take this so seriously there just actors who entertain us n get paid for it n yet u make stupid comments if it was true mike would of got his ass kicked along time ago....silly rabbits tricks are for kids

Wv peach

She looks so different, but much better!


Good for her. And the rest of them. People grow up, though it's fun to watch them behaving badly. I agree 'Shore' is probably done after this, time to move on.

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