Skylar Laine to Tim Tebow: Date Me!

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Skylar Laine owns 38 pairs of cowboy boots, but she only has one celebrity crush.

So the recently-eliminated American Idol finalist says in the following video interview, which touches on topics that range from meeting Carrie Underwood... to singing a duet with Miranda Lambert... to what she would say if she ever met Tim Tebow.

The answer to the final question? I love you. You're gorgeous. You should go on a date with me.

Succinct and straight-forward. We like it! What say you, Tim?!? As the world awaits this virgin quarterback's answer, we invite readers to watch this Q&A with Laine now:

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Skylar we have loved you from the start. You might not have won American idol but I know you will be something. You got a voice girl.put it to use!!!


I'm so Glad that Skyler Laine was eliminated. I really thought that America would make the wrong decision by letting this fat girl with annoying voice stay to the competition. When she talks and when she sings it sounded the same weird voice it's irritating my ears. Thank God she's gone now. Oh and By the way. I hope my predictions are true. I hope Jessica Sanchez wins the American Idol. That's why the Judges saved her because she deserves to get the title and be the #1. Go Jessica! Jessica has this deep voice like Beyonce and Whitney Houston and she's so talented.


Am i the only one who hates Skyler Laine? Why is it that majority of the people around the world like this girl who has a squeeky like a little mouse voice and end up to the top 5? She's not that talented country singer compared to Carrie Underwood who's the best Idol ever! And Skyler is not that pretty at all no offense but you really look like a witch with a cowgirl boots. I'm just saying my honest opinion your really scary and you suck!


@Alexia Well, a guy's gotta start somewhere. You might just discover your calling as a Copulation Mentor. Hmmm?


Skylar Laine is a grown woman so she can do as she wishes. But I for myself prefer men with some experience.


Tim-bow: Hey, buddy! Be selective..choose wisely!


She's cute and fiesty, best of luck to her.


Boohoo- I originally wasn't gonna comment on this, but she looks fine! and she sings fine for a country singer. I personally do not ever see them together, but whatever.


First of all, i doubt it if Tim Tebow would even be anything remotely interested in Skylar Laine....Dream on honey...sorry, but your nothing to look at, your short, and fat and need to lose a couple hundred lbs. and your singing SUCKS...glad you got eliminated...and btw, your hissy fits on stage each week, didn't help your popularity....America got it right...


Tim is too busy running on the football field to be able to run after women. Someday he will catch the time.