Sister Wives Cast to Pick Up Mrs. Kody Brown #5?

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Will the cast of TLC's Sister Wives make it an even five?

The crew was asked that and much more by Anderson Cooper this week. Kody Brown, the patriarch of the polygamist family, wasn't exactly dismissive of the idea of adding a fifth wife, though he didn't seem eager either.

"Certainly not right now," said Kody.

"That doesn't sound like a 'no' to me," interjected Anderson, before Brown elaborated as to how his religious beliefs leave the door open.

"You guys have to understand that I answer to essentially a higher call. I'm part of an order, a church," said Kody, claiming it's out of his hands.

"So there is a situation where I feel I am maxed out anddon't want to take another wife. I am not interested in that, but there is a requirement."

"I answer to a higher calling, and if that requirement comes along and I have a choice in it, then I will do it. But I would prefer not to."

The spouses - first wife Meri, second wife Janelle, third wife Christine and fourth wife Robyn - say they feel each of their collective 17 kids are their own.

Wondered Anderson: "Do you all feel like the mother of the child? How does this work?" Replied Meri: "We feel like one of the moms, definitely."

Added Christine: "When he (the youngest, Solomon) cries, we all turn and try to make him happy except when it's time to eat."

The CNN anchor subsequently quizzed them on what it's like having to move out of Utah, where Kody and company feared prosecution for their polygamist lifestyle, and moving to Las Vegas. Simply put, "It's great."

"It's easy," said Kody. "People apparently are tolerant, and it's been a very good experience for us. We've got businesses that are going very well."

As for whether the brood gets teased at school about plural marriage, he acknowledged "there's a little", but, at the age of 13, it's "very regular."

When Anderson asked if the kids might follow their parents' example and embrace their unusual lifestyle, Kody acknowledged it's their choice alone.

"Yeah, but they change their minds. Some kids have already [said] they will, some are saying they won't," he explained. "Let's go through college."

"That frontal lobe, that's the part of the brain that lets you reason with reason, let's get that developed and then let them make those decisions."

Sister Wives ...


I think the wives should get more husbands, maybe then Kody will know what it feels like to be laying in bed at night, thinking about what his wife is doing with another man.


how can anyone afford to keep all them and children. It is down right sick to me having all them wives they need to all put in jail.


i love the show sister wives. i have no problem with their life style. it opened an honest an they all agree to live this way. but i do think that robyn needs to take her places in line as the 4th wife an kody need to remember he has 3 other wives, he doesn't need a #5 at all because you an see he already favors robyn way to much. sometimes you need to be happy with the partners you already have to keep a balance that makes everyone happy. i wish the brown family many years of happiness an look forward to the new season coming up. thank you brown family for sharing your life with the world.....

@ gg

if u find "TRUE" love in your life that's great. and value, people should mind,there owen ps and qs. I found love once in my life,she was taken by heart attack. take care of of your owen. and ,leave others to there life what ever it is. kody it must be wonderful to have that many best friend, and to talk to. live to be happy and blessed.


Coming from a country where polygamy is the norm, i applaud this family from coming out and showing the positive and negative sides of this lifestyle. I watch this show and i pray that others who try to break this loving family up fail. They truely love and respect each other, something that many monogamous families do not.


It's like watching a train wreck about to happen. I could never live that way but to each his/her own. I think Robyn might not have been the right choice. I think she'd like to bust up one or two wives to get more of Kody's time. I think Kody is genuine. Like the survey and let live. Wish they'd consider building one big home like they had in Utah. Each wive gets a floor. Kody could just take the elevator to where ever his clothes are on a given day. One floor could be a 'play center' with toys for different age groups, a pool, pool tables, etc. One big study center. Kitchenette with popcorn machine, etc. Lot's of options. Movie theater......they could supply stuff for kids to get lots more interaction together. Just say'n.

@ Zelda

I think adding Robyn to the family was a bad choice!


I thnk their lifestyle is diff, and interesting. I couldnt live that way as id be2 jealous. I cn relate 2 meri, as i have 1 daughter and wantd 2have a lil boy wmy boyfriend but it wasnt 2b. I like that the women get along and u sure wouldnt get lonely, i lost my man 5yrs ago, he died so its bn lonely. I feel, let them live their lives, we accept gay ppl marrying and 2me this more normal.


I personally like Kody but I'm not one that would share my man. Still, my fascination with the show is I love the relationship the women have with one another. It seems to me that they truly do have a sisterly relationship. I'd rip my sister's hair out if she messed with my man. Still, I like the program and I am fascinated by their lifestyle that seems to work for them. They are all very likable people and they are not hurting anyone that I can see. They seem to all be good parents. I look forward to watching the program.


im just pissed netflix only has one season i wonder id theres a second season and i love love cody and the sister wives id be open to being a sister wive and im one of the most opinionated judgemental woman that walk this earth i love you christine for her qualities jenelle for her stability meri for her edginess robyn dosnt fit my opinion and kody he sure kody..


Whoever thinks they have thriving businesses and actually PAY their bills needs to think again. Three of the four wives have gone bankrupt. Every time he hears his calling, it's another opportunity to go bankrupt. He's not just stiffing his wives.....

@ haballoon

I agree. They seem to spend money like crazy! They've all taken out bankruptcy one or more times. Quit acting like you are rich and have lots of money! Kody is a joke!


I love them and the show

@ theresa

You are forgetting the fact they get paid 75,000$ each adult, an episode.. somehow I think they are doin ok!!

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