Should Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Star in 50 Shades of Grey?

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Nina Dobrev hasn't read Fifty Shades of Grey yet, but with her name floating around as a possible fit for the female lead, she might want to get on it!

"All I've heard is that it's very scandalous, to say the least," the Vampire Diaries starlet told MTV. "I haven't read it, but I'm intrigued ... who knows?"

"I mean, well, I guess we'll have to see."

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

With co-star and real-life boyfriend Ian Somerhalder expressing interest in the role of Christian Grey, it's no surprise Dobrev has been linked to Anastasia Steele.

Working with Ian a second time isn't as appealing to Nina as you night think, though. She said if she did play Anastasia, she'd prefer another guy.

"I don't know if that's a good idea," she said of herself and Somerhalder both starring in the movie adaptation of EL James' erotic love story trilogy.

"I think it's best for any of the actors on The Vampire Diaries to kind of do their own things ... and create new characters ... if it's the same people, the fans will alway see me as Elena and they'll see him as Damon if we do a film together."

"I think it would be better [if] either he should get it or I should get it, but I know that apparently he's really great for the role, so I hope he gets it!"

Another pair of famous vampires, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have been talked about at length as good fits, especially considering that James initially modeled the books after Edward and Bella from the Twilight saga.

What do you think? Tell us who should play Christian and Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey by voting in our dueling surveys below!

Who should play Anastasia:

Who should play Christian:


i've always pictured SIMON BAKER for the christian grey part. D: He would be perfect for this part.


I'm really disappointed Henry Cavill isn't on this list!!!! I live Ian but he just isn't right for the role... Henry Cavill screams Christian Grey!!! He is flawless!!! Just like Christian is!!!


Okay So I Think Ian And Nina Should Be Cast In This Movie... All Of My Nian Feelings Would Fly Off The Chain!


I think Chris Pine and Emma Stone would be gret although Chris is sweet but could be made to appear evil at times and Emma is perfect with a hair color change in her future. And only if Kristen Stewart accompanies him could Robert Pattison fill the bill for Christian..


To me it would have to be Chris Hemsworth hands down. He is just drop dead gorgeous just like Christian Grey is described. It just can't be Robert Pattinson!!! Ewww! If he were not famous he would not get a second look


I love both Ian and Nina and I love the sexual tension they create in their show, but Nina is right - both of them doing "50 Shades...." would be mistake and people will not see the story's interesting characters.


Lyndysy Fonseca was who I always imagined as Ana--big blue eyes, long brown hair, beautiful enough to get Christian's attention. For Christian, Colin Egglesfield, totally hot.


I think Armie Hammer should play Christain, if you don't know who he is Google him and you will see why I think he would fit the part.


I think Tom Welling would be great as Christian.


Chris Pine is PERFECT for the role of Christian! I think Emmy Rossum would make a great Anastasia.

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