Should Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Star in 50 Shades of Grey?

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Would Kristen Stewart be up for starring in Fifty Shades of Grey?

She hasn't read it yet, but she's already dying to star in a new film with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and it's loosely based on their characters, so ... maybe!

The sexy novel trilogy by EL James, recently acquired by Universal Studios in a movie deal, was inspired by Edward and Bella from the Twilight novels.

Knowing this, could she see herself and Rob in 50 Shades?

“I’m dying to make another movie with Rob, I think that we’re a good team,” Kristen said. “I think whatever it is needs to be so ridiculously ambitious."

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"So maybe! I just haven’t read it, so I don’t know too much about what it is, but I've heard good things, and would love to work with him again.”

Kristen reiterated that she "doesn't know" when asked if she could picture herself and Rob playing Christian and Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey.

You can see why the idea appeals to many fans, however - as does another faux vampire combo in The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

In the book, Ana (based off of Bella) falls for Christian (based on Edward Cullen), a rich 27-year-old entrepreneur who introduces her into his erotic world of S&M.

What's your take? Would the Snow White and the Huntsman star be a good fit for the role? Vote for who you think should play both lead characters below:

Who should play Anastasia:

Who should play Christian:


James Franco for Christian hes tall fit and has the copper wavy hair.


Agree with Jen & Sally. This type of film should be banned!!! They are like ministrel shows, they negate all the progress we made. Nothing wrong with literotica but let them film something EMPOWERING. Not that nonsense book!!!!


I think Rob Pattinson has made it clear that even though he's grateful for the Twilight films to catapult him into the public eye, he is more than ready to move on in his career and prove himself a serious actor who wants to do more serious films (Cosmopolis, Blacklist,etc) and leave the mommy porn behind.


I would love to see Victor Webster play Christian


The actor needs to be tall--end of story. Ian is short. This was one of the biggest problems with the Jacob casting of Twilight. Taylor is a great kid but just didn't fit the latter part of the movies. Unknown or little known actors who have some cred in the indie scene maybe. Robert and Kristen are too well known. I can't see how this can be made by a mainstream production company--it needs grit or it will just be cheesy porn.


@Sally: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! SMH at how some very slow (stupid?) women are missing the symbolism behind the lead character having to be tied down with ropes to have her sexually awakening. And that awakening itself being provided and therefore defined by a man - a very domineering man. Didnt our grandmas already fight this shit in this sixties??????? Buy yourselves a mirror and a dildo, mothers of America. You dont need your mans permission to cum!


They would be PERFECT for the role. They pioneered the whole "stupid passive virgin maiden with strong all-powerful male saviour" genre. So they have the dumb-females-market completely cornered. Good for them!


i really really want it to be ian sumerholder because hes the best


I think Rob and Kristen would be great in this book made into a movie, I hope it happens soon. Guene


colin egglesfield for Christian!! I can't picture anyone else playing him. And as for Ana, I'm not sure. Definitely not k-stew or r-patz for either part. I hate that they are even associated with these books! Loved them in twilight but not for 50 shades!!!!!

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