Should Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Star in 50 Shades of Grey?

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Would Kristen Stewart be up for starring in Fifty Shades of Grey?

She hasn't read it yet, but she's already dying to star in a new film with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and it's loosely based on their characters, so ... maybe!

The sexy novel trilogy by EL James, recently acquired by Universal Studios in a movie deal, was inspired by Edward and Bella from the Twilight novels.

Knowing this, could she see herself and Rob in 50 Shades?

“I’m dying to make another movie with Rob, I think that we’re a good team,” Kristen said. “I think whatever it is needs to be so ridiculously ambitious."

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"So maybe! I just haven’t read it, so I don’t know too much about what it is, but I've heard good things, and would love to work with him again.”

Kristen reiterated that she "doesn't know" when asked if she could picture herself and Rob playing Christian and Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey.

You can see why the idea appeals to many fans, however - as does another faux vampire combo in The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

In the book, Ana (based off of Bella) falls for Christian (based on Edward Cullen), a rich 27-year-old entrepreneur who introduces her into his erotic world of S&M.

What's your take? Would the Snow White and the Huntsman star be a good fit for the role? Vote for who you think should play both lead characters below:

Who should play Anastasia:

Who should play Christian:


If Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart play the lead roles in 50 Shades I will not go to see the movie.


I loved the books! Yes ok its not the best storyline but its naughty and a bit of fun! I really dont want them to make the trilogy into a series it will ruin the whole appeal of them and it will water down 90% of the book lets be honest here people its porn in a book! But I dont get why people are comparing it to Twilight :/ Are you serious?! they couldnt be further apart! I didnt like K-Stew in the Twilight movies because the character in the book is actually pretty kick ass and K-Stew was just annoyingly awkward!!! I really think they should just leave the books alone this is just going to ruin it completely. And to the people saying that the books are sexist and male dominated the people in the books are ADULTS its all consensual and this actually is a way of life for some people this is what some people enjoy and I really dont think any judgement should be passed on them because of a lifestyle choice if there happy doing it let them do it.


I do not even know why people think that Robert Pattinson is even good looking, he is creepy and a terrible actor. Both he and kristen Stewart are terrible actors, they just so happen to catch onto a good thing. Remeber she got the idea from the Bella/Edward characters from the book and not the 2 actors themselves. It was made quite clear in the book that Christian is the most beautiful man alive and Pattinson does NOT fit that bill.


As someone who has read ALL of the '50 Shades' books in the last month I have to weigh in on this. As I was thinking about how they could possibly make these books into a movie, I found myself picturing Christian Bale as Christian Grey. He could carry the wealthy businessman, philanthropist, and the dark emotionally troubled 'shades' of Christian Grey quite well. Look at his performances in Batman Begins/The Dark Knight and in American Psycho. PLEASE UNIVERSAL, do not cast Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart. I'm a Twilight fan and have read all of the books twice, but I really don't see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in these roles.


If they play Ana and Christian, it will totally ruin my image of the story. Seriously, I agree- this story is for adults and shouldn't feature actors from a teeny bopper's movie. I will be so disappointed!


i read the first book and i could see kristen and robert as the leading roles. they are good togeaher.


Honestly the twilight scene is so finished and it's time to move on. They want "Mommy" opinions for who should play these roles then ask them...not little girls that are hooked still on twilight. I think as a woman and a mother and being of age 42, the role of sexy 20 something, Christian should be played by Alex Pettyfer or Matt Bomer and the role of clumbsy, sexy..Ana, should be played by Megan Fox or Mila Kunis. A well rounded Wife, woman, mother, and mid lifer...I think these are great choices, not "childish" ones.




I think Alexis Bledel from The Sister Hood of the Travelling Pants would play the best Anastasia.


Ah YEA? The characters were based on characters they played. Without Rob and Kristen the book would not even exist. If Ian somebody or other (aka MEDIAWHORE) played Christian i would be so so dissapointed in EL/Icy.

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