Should Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Star in 50 Shades of Grey?

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Would Kristen Stewart be up for starring in Fifty Shades of Grey?

She hasn't read it yet, but she's already dying to star in a new film with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and it's loosely based on their characters, so ... maybe!

The sexy novel trilogy by EL James, recently acquired by Universal Studios in a movie deal, was inspired by Edward and Bella from the Twilight novels.

Knowing this, could she see herself and Rob in 50 Shades?

“I’m dying to make another movie with Rob, I think that we’re a good team,” Kristen said. “I think whatever it is needs to be so ridiculously ambitious."

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"So maybe! I just haven’t read it, so I don’t know too much about what it is, but I've heard good things, and would love to work with him again.”

Kristen reiterated that she "doesn't know" when asked if she could picture herself and Rob playing Christian and Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey.

You can see why the idea appeals to many fans, however - as does another faux vampire combo in The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

In the book, Ana (based off of Bella) falls for Christian (based on Edward Cullen), a rich 27-year-old entrepreneur who introduces her into his erotic world of S&M.

What's your take? Would the Snow White and the Huntsman star be a good fit for the role? Vote for who you think should play both lead characters below:

Who should play Anastasia:

Who should play Christian:


To cast the Twilight stars would always remind me of the vampire trilogy. It needs to be new sexy blood in this movie.


Yes! They are amazing and having these two lovebirds the couple! They would have a different type of chemestry then two random actors. Plus the two characters Ana & Chris were inspired off Bella and Edward! So it only makes sense


I believe in these two, Robert and Kristen. I think they would make a perfect team both on and off the big screen. I would love to hear they were actually married. I think they are the greatest!


What a dream couple to play in Fifty Shades of grey! They are amazingly gorgeous, talented, just THE perfect couple. But is Fifty shades of grey good enough for them, I believe the novel has been inspired by Bella and Edward, so naturally I would expect to see them in this new franchise. And make it success. I must say, that I do not like to read anything negative about them. And for those you prefers the vampire dairies couple just buy yourself some taste, or get some fresh air, I'd rather see Blair and Chuck in the role.


They would be the worst people to cast to play these parts! They totally butchered twilight with there terrible acting! Kirsten is no where near able to play ana and rob couldn't even play Edward let alone christain grey.


im 24 and all i can picture is sexy rob and buety kristen the novle is based on the couple so its only right that they play the part that was made for them !!!!! all you haterz out there stop hating


Christian as* Hugh Dancy


Not that I'm complaining about who plays who, but in my head while reading it I saw Christian and Hugh Dancy and Ana as Deborah Ann Woll? anyone...just me? ooo but Alexander Skarsgard? Yes please!!


to commen ton rocio i think henry cavil would fit the bill aswell, but Nina doesnt fit the bill...ana has big blue eyes and dark brown hair


And all these Twlight fans need to stop being greedy! Other actors and actresses are WAY better then these two people. And obviously the cast for this book is more mature. This is not an 18yr old romance flick.

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