Should Fox Cancel American Idol?

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The ratings for American Idol were way down this season, about 32 percent lower than those of season 10.

The winners on American Idol all appear to be from the same mold, as Phillip Phillips follows in the Caucasian, guitar-playing footsteps of Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen, David Cook (pictured) and Scotty McCreery.

So, it must be asked: is it actually time to cancel American Idol?

David Cook on American Idol

Yes, Allen told TMZ this week. He believes the plug should be pulled on a competition that has clearly grown tiresome on the eyes of viewers.

But another former winner disagrees.

American Idol is a juggernaut," Taylor Hicks told TMZ in response to Allen. Because of my American Idol win, I am able to do the thing that I love most, which is to be an entertainer... the fact that I am headlining Vegas six years after auditioning there and then ultimately winning AI is testament to the incredible platform the show continues to provide for me."

What do YOU think? Should American Idol get the axe?


If you don't like it, don't watch it.


YES, cancel boring show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NO FOX. JUST NO. DON'T CANCEL AI. PLEASE. Seriously, it would be so stupid of them if they did. I doubt they will, they're getting ready to do next year's auditions just next month. I hope they don't. i would be beyond upset. :'(


A Big Fat Yes.
I stopped watching this show 4 years ago.


I'm surprised no one brought up the competition The Voice brings. I watched 1 maybe 2 seasons of AI when it first came out and quickly got board of it. Right now, The Voice is a way better, more interesting, and deeper show.. Cancel AI already. The hosts are not current so that makes them less interesting.


they should. Its been around long enough..not the same anymore... Time for a new show...


nothing really needs to be said....just pull the plug already!!!


You have to realize that Kris Allen didn't actually say Idol should be cancelled. He was jumped on by an aggressive TMZ guy while walking. The guy told him that Idol ratings were way down for the finale and what did he think. Kris said that maybe it was time to cancel it. It wasn't a legitimate interview, and Kris was responding to the guy telling him That ratings were down, not giving his opinion on Idol. What happens when ratings are down? Shows get cancelled. What the TMZ jerk, and legitimate media, don't like to report was that Idol was still the number one show. If he had said, "Kris, what do you think about Idol being the number one show?" Kris would have said, "That's great!"


HELL YEAH Fox should cancel American Idol!!!!! Here's why:
1. The show has not been the same ever since Simon left.
2. Randy is not as entertaining as he used to be.
3. Most of all, the producers of A.I. are nothing but lying and money-hungry SCUMBAGS who only care about their own salaries and playing FAVORITES towards certain contestants here and there. The A.I. producers are such manipulative JACKASSES!!!!! Case closed.


screw kris allen for saying that ai should be cancelled! what a fucking jerk! he shows no loyalty to the show or his fans for where he is today.
typical christian hyprocisy.


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