Should Fox Cancel American Idol?

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The ratings for American Idol were way down this season, about 32 percent lower than those of season 10.

The winners on American Idol all appear to be from the same mold, as Phillip Phillips follows in the Caucasian, guitar-playing footsteps of Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen, David Cook (pictured) and Scotty McCreery.

So, it must be asked: is it actually time to cancel American Idol?

David Cook on American Idol

Yes, Allen told TMZ this week. He believes the plug should be pulled on a competition that has clearly grown tiresome on the eyes of viewers.

But another former winner disagrees.

American Idol is a juggernaut," Taylor Hicks told TMZ in response to Allen. Because of my American Idol win, I am able to do the thing that I love most, which is to be an entertainer... the fact that I am headlining Vegas six years after auditioning there and then ultimately winning AI is testament to the incredible platform the show continues to provide for me."

What do YOU think? Should American Idol get the axe?


Please cancel this show it has been nothing but a joke!!!


time for a young lady to win idol or cancelled this awufl show gald lopez and tyler are gonge as judges not very great i hope rand jackson goes soon get rid of seacreest ryan secreest terrilbe worst host sick of these wgwg wining year after year, no more white guys with guitars wining anymore.


Seriously the whole thing has been one huge popularity contest. The winners are often teen boys with good looks that the voters (girls and gay guy majority) keep while discarding the more talented singers who don't fit the abercrombie criteria. Its time for the show to end. There are plenty of shows like it now and besides it really isn't the same anymore. If they have to bring in someone like Jenifer Lopez, who can't sing AT ALL, to be a judge, then something is very wrong. The same goes for Britney Spears on X-Factor, who has some nerve judging others on their singing ability when the bitch CAN'T SING FOR SH*T!!!!! She got famous for T&A and you know its true!!


nice wording on the polling btw it doesnt make sense


Don't cancel idol! It's funny, it's serious, and there's some awesome talent on the show. It's a much better show than the Xfactor and The Voice. The only change I would make would be to leave out some of the really untalented folks and focus more on the ones who may actually win.

@ Login Annonymous

Its fake! and its stupid!


Its entertaining.....change the way the votes are calculated, and CHANGE THE JUDGES!!!! Even THE DOG is getting old, remove "goosies" and Steven always looks bored.....I pick for the new judges, Harry
Connick Jr., One of the judges on So you think you can dance and
Someone thats been a contestant on the show




Get rid of IDOL. Replace it with an action packed, scripted show. I miss "24," one of Fox channels best.


canclled this awful show sick of thes wgwg wining year after year i hope 2013 is the last of idol


Taylor Hicks? Really? Thats who you ask? The one no one remembers or listened to? Did anyone actually buy his album? He has a good voice, but he didnt fit in the mold and now hes in Vegas, which im sure no one knew. Its too teeny bopper for me which is why i dont watch it.


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