Sharon Simmons, 55-Year-Old Cheerleader, Tries Out For Dallas Cowboys' Squad

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Sharon Simmons has wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader since her 20s. Now, at 55, the fitness model is finally reaching for her dreams.

“I thought about this when I was about 22 years old. I was a single mom, and I wanted to do it,” said Simmons, a grandmother, in an interview.

The 55-year-old cheerleader planned on auditioning decades ago, but money, time, and raising a family delayed her dream for half a lifetime.

But last weekend Simmons finally tried out.

Sharon Simmons, 55-Year-Old Cheerleader

Joining hundreds of others over the weekend to audition for the squad at Cowboys Stadium, she said: “It literally has been about the journey."

"I’ve met incredible people, I’ve learned so many new things.”

Fox reports that Simmons has written a book about ageless fitness and has won several competitions in her successful career as a fitness model.

She said: “I don’t see a number… If I do, it’s just a number. It’s not that I can’t keep up with [younger women] in the physical part of the training.”

If Simmons makes the team, she will be the oldest cheerleader in the league. She won’t be, however, the only grandmother in the NFL, though.

Suzie Sanchez of the Oakland Raiders is also a grandma ... though Sanchez is only 37. Laura Vikmanis is currently the oldest NFL cheerleader at 42.


All power to her, I am 60 and look 40. I am also a twirler that is a certified teacher and still can toss two batons. Also can do back flips. I am proud of her. I would if I could be her instructor in helping her dance and strut with the younger crowd. Please send her may e mail address


Jennifer, you need to look at other pictures of her and the video. She looks fantastic! Don't know why you think she will embarass herself or others..the "others" should be proud of her and she should be proud of how fit she is. Wish I looked like that!


Seriously, i don't want to be mean, but what on earth is this woman thinking????? She to me, looks much older than 55, and i would be totally embarassed to try out for the Dallas Cowboys...i heard you can't even have a 1/2 of flab on your body....these people want perfection....Lady....Puleeeeeeeeeese STOP QUIT WHILE YOUR AHEAD< AND DON'T EMBARASS YOURSELF OR OTHER PEOPLE>>>>>>