Rudy Eugene Identified as Miami Man Killed After Eating Victim's Face

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The naked man who sparked talk of a zombie apocalypse after eating another man's face on Saturday has been identified as Rudy Eugene, age 31.

Eugene, of North Miami Beach, was shot multiple times and killed following a grisly assault on the Downtown exit ramp of the MacArthur Causeway.

The Miami Herald, whose own surveillance cameras caught the incident on tape, reports that Eugene had been arrested eight times since age 16.

Rudy Eugene Mug Shot

"I wouldn't say he had [a] mental problem but he always felt like people was against him type of attitude," his ex-wife Jenny Ductant told Local 10.

"No one was for him, everyone was against him."

A neighbor said his former home was foreclosed on in 2011, and homeless people in the area said he was frequently spotted wandering around there.

The identity of Eugene's victim, believed to be a homeless man, has not been released. He survived having his face eaten but is in serious condition.

An eyewitness riding his bike on the causeway said he flagged down a cop after coming across Eugene, stark naked, chewing another man's face.

"The guy was tearing him to pieces, so I told him, 'Get off!'" Larry Vega said. "The guy just kept eating the other guy away, like, ripping his skin."

Vega said when the policeman yelled at Eugene to back away, he merely raised his head "with pieces of flesh in his mouth," growled, and resumed chewing.

The officer then shot Eugene once, but Eugene continued to attack the man's face, prompting the officer to shoot again and again until he was dead.

It has been reported, although unconfirmed, that Rudy Eugene was under the influence of cocaine and/or LSD at the time of the attack.

That, or he was an actual zombie and the apocalypse is near.


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all i'm wondering is, where was he shot? was the fatal shot in the head? the reason is, zombies can only be killed by destroying the brain, even cutting the head completly off, the zombie head will still bite.


I'm surprised that he had not come to Obama's attention; he would have made a good recruit for the PRIVATE ARMY Obama is Amassing to "control" the American citizens.


Here where im living a man is eating ppl ears , victims say u do c a guy coming on ur way then he eat ur ear , then u dnt c where he went , we al believe it Satanist cos they dnt c him after, but da ear is gone ! When blood is involve it Satanist 4 sure , i wish every1 can wear a Rosal.


Dear God! What next....Absolutely horrifying...